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Maggie’s Penguin Parade Grand Charity Auction

Aberdeen Northern Marts Live Webcast Auction 24 Sep 2018 19:30 BST

Sale Date(s)

Venue Address

  • V & A
  • 1 Riverside Esplanade
  • Dundee
  • Scotland
  • DD1 4EZ
  • United Kingdom

Auction Details

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Currency: GBP
Commissions ex. VAT/sales tax: 0.00% (includes buyer's premium and online commission)
VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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There are 83 item(s) within this sale
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This auctioneer has chosen to not publish their results. Please contact them directly for any enquiries.

Maggie’s Penguin Parade Grand Charity Auction, Monday 24 September, 7:30pm

Lot 0

Maggie’s Penguin Parade Grand Charity Auction Monday 24 September, 7:30pm (lAuction starts) Sale Venue: V&A Dundee 1 Riverside Esplanade Dunde...

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Bonnie Dundee - by Artists: Gail Stirling Robertson

Lot 1

Penguin Name: Bonnie Dundee Artists Name: Gail Stirling Robertson Sponsored By: Lorraine Kelly Additional Info : Having photographed a...

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R2DunDee2 - by Artists: Mandii Pope

Lot 2

Penguin Name: R2DunDee2 Artists Name: Mandii Pope Sponsored By: Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education Additional Info : R2-D2, a smal...

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Mr Sofishticated - by Artists: Lena Kibbler

Lot 3

Penguin Name: Mr Sofishticated Artists Name: Lena Kibbler Sponsored By: Fletcher Group Additional Info : Lena chose to use black and w...

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Blue Planet Penguin - by Artists: High School of Dundee Pupils

Lot 4

Penguin Name: Blue Planet Penguin Artists Name: High School of Dundee Pupils Sponsored By: High School of Dundee Additional Info : The...

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Bagpipes & Flippers - by Artists: Sandra Webster

Lot 5

Penguin Name: Bagpipes & Flippers Artists Name: Sandra Webster Sponsored By: James Keiller Estates Additional Info : Bagpipes & Flippe...

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Engullfed - by Artists: C.Gul

Lot 6

Penguin Name: Engullfed Artists Name: C.Gul Sponsored By: Apex City Quay Hotel Additional Info : This design is a combination of Dunde...

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Sid the Penguin - by Artists: Douglas Roulston

Lot 7

Penguin Name: Sid the Penguin Artists Name: Douglas Roulston Sponsored By: Box-it Additional Info : ‘Sid’ the penguin has been inspire...

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Charles - by Artists: Suzanne Scott (WhimSicAL LusH)

Lot 8

Penguin Name: Charles Artists Name: Suzanne Scott (WhimSicAL LusH) Sponsored By: Delson Contracts Ltd Additional Info : Charles is a v...

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Gothamatryoshka - by Artists: Catherine J. Bell

Lot 9

Penguin Name: Gothamatryoshka Artists Name: Catherine J. Bell Sponsored By: DM Roofing Additional Info : "Inspired by the villains of ...

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Don - by Artists: Angela Nisbet

Lot 10

Penguin Name: Don Artists Name: Angela Nisbet Sponsored By: King Group Additional Info : Don is a light hearted penguin tribute to our...

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What Lies Beneath - by Artists: Rikki O'Neill

Lot 11

Penguin Name: What Lies Beneath Artists Name: Rikki O'Neill Sponsored By: Mackie Motors Additional Info : An illustrative quirky desig...

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4 Seasons in One Day - by Artists: Judi Milne & Amy Lorimer

Lot 12

Penguin Name: 4 Seasons in One Day Artists Name: Judi Milne & Amy Lorimer Sponsored By: Michelin Additional Info : After reviving her ...

More details

Heat Reactive Hue - by Artists: Jane & Lucy Robertson

Lot 13

Penguin Name: Heat Reactive Hue Artists Name: Jane & Lucy Robertson Sponsored By: Insights Additional Info : Inspired by the potential...

More details

I Choose Dundee - by Artists: Charlotte Ross

Lot 14

Penguin Name: I Choose Dundee Artists Name: Charlotte Ross Sponsored By: Redwood Invercarse Additional Info : I choose Dundee celebrat...

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Dundee Star's Penguin - by Artists: Fiona Hay

Lot 15

Penguin Name: Dundee Star's Penguin Artists Name: Fiona Hay Sponsored By: Dundee Stars Additional Info : Maggie's is a charity particu...

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Absent Penguin - by Artists: Ulrika Kjeldsen

Lot 16

Penguin Name: Absent Penguin Artists Name: Ulrika Kjeldsen Sponsored By: EQ Accountants Additional Info : The penguin is gone. In comp...

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Pinguis Anatomica - by Artists: Dr Caroline Erolin

Lot 17

Penguin Name: Pinguis Anatomica Artists Name: Dr Caroline Erolin Sponsored By: Ion8 Additional Info : Pinguis Anatomica is a stark bla...

More details

Punky Penguin! - by Artists: Joanna Craig

Lot 18

Penguin Name: Punky Penguin! Artists Name: Joanna Craig Sponsored By: James F Stephen Architects Additional Info : "Inspired to find u...

More details

Dundee United FC Penguin - by Artists: Gordy Craw

Lot 19

Penguin Name: Dundee United FC Penguin Artists Name: Gordy Craw Sponsored By: JF KEGS Additional Info : Dundee United Fc Penguin is in...

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Sunrise - by Artists: Rebecca Cohan

Lot 20

Penguin Name: Sunrise Artists Name: Rebecca Cohan Sponsored By: F J Esposito Ltd Additional Info : Sunrise was designed to represent p...

More details

Pen Broon - by Artists: Lee O'Brien

Lot 21

Penguin Name: Pen Broon Artists Name: Lee O'Brien Sponsored By: Northwood Trust Additional Info : The idea of 'Pen Broon' arrived from...

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Emperor's Voyage of Discovery - by Artists: Tom Harris-Ward

Lot 22

Penguin Name: Emperor's Voyage of Discovery Artists Name: Tom Harris-Ward Sponsored By: Ninja Kiwi Additional Info : Emperor's Voyage ...

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Dazzle Penguin - by Artists: Islay Spalding

Lot 23

Penguin Name: Dazzle Penguin Artists Name: Islay Spalding Sponsored By: Sleeperz Additional Info : Dazzle Penguin’s bold, geometric pa...

More details

Peter Panguin - by Artists: Maureen Crosbie

Lot 24

Penguin Name: Peter Panguin Artists Name: Maureen Crosbie Sponsored By: Kirrie Community Additional Info : Peter Pan was, famously, fo...

More details

Pluguin - by Artists: Lesley D McKenzie

Lot 25

Penguin Name: Pluguin Artists Name: Lesley D McKenzie Sponsored By: Leisure & Culture Dundee Additional Info : It was a bit of a chall...

More details

The Store Hus Pingvin - by Artists: Meg Held / The Store Hus

Lot 26

Penguin Name: The Store Hus Pingvin Artists Name: Meg Held / The Store Hus Sponsored By: Jon Frullani Architect Additional Info : Meg ...

More details

Penguinstein - by Artists: Mark Brown

Lot 27

Penguin Name: Penguinstein Artists Name: Mark Brown Sponsored By: Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce Additional Info : This year marks...

More details

Journalism - by Artists: Martin Hill

Lot 28

Penguin Name: Journalism Artists Name: Martin Hill Sponsored By: G2 Scaffolding Ltd Additional Info : Entitled ‘Journalism’, Martin Hi...

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Old Tom Morris - by Artists: Alison Price

Lot 29

Penguin Name: Old Tom Morris Artists Name: Alison Price Sponsored By: Carnoustie Golf Links Additional Info : Old Tom Morris is an ico...

More details

Penguin Street - by Artists: Pamela Scott

Lot 30

Penguin Name: Penguin Street Artists Name: Pamela Scott Sponsored By: Brechin Community Additional Info : "Penguin Street shows a stre...

More details

WellBEEing - by Artists: Caitlin Taylor

Lot 31

Penguin Name: WellBEEing Artists Name: Caitlin Taylor Sponsored By: Blackadders Additional Info : The artist was greatly inspired by B...

More details

Capguin Scott - by Artists: James Gemmill

Lot 32

Penguin Name: Capguin Scott Artists Name: James Gemmill Sponsored By: Tayside Health Fund Additional Info : James' design was inspired...

More details

Pop and Pip - by Artists: Rachel Davies

Lot 33

Penguin Name: Pop and Pip Artists Name: Rachel Davies Sponsored By: SPAR Additional Info : "Emperor penguins breed in the harshest of ...

More details

"PJ" The Poetry Penguin - by Artists: Betti Moretti

Lot 34

Penguin Name: "PJ" The Poetry Penguin Artists Name: Betti Moretti Sponsored By: Westport Luxury Serviced Apartments/ Discovery Aquatics ...

More details

I Believe I Can Fly - by Artists: John Hunter Barrie (JoHuBa)

Lot 35

Penguin Name: I Believe I Can Fly Artists Name: John Hunter Barrie (JoHuBa) Sponsored By: Willis Lease Finance Corporation Additional I...

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Fish Food - by Artists: Stuart Hatt - The Squid & Nib

Lot 36

Penguin Name: Fish Food Artists Name: Stuart Hatt - The Squid & Nib Sponsored By: St Andrews Aquarium Additional Info : "Fish Food' wa...

More details

Lord P. N. Guin - by Artists: Graham D. Farquhar

Lot 37

Penguin Name: Lord P. N. Guin Artists Name: Graham D. Farquhar Sponsored By: Ultratape Additional Info : Imagine that in the Antarctic...

More details

Crystal Azure - by Artists: Stewart Small and Scott Stewart

Lot 38

Penguin Name: Crystal Azure Artists Name: Stewart Small and Scott Stewart Sponsored By: The Spray Factory Additional Info : "The cryst...

More details

The Baltic Builder - by Artists: Rae McCulloch & Suzanne Scott (WhimSicAL LusH)

Lot 39

Penguin Name: The Baltic Builder Artists Name: Rae McCulloch & Suzanne Scott (WhimSicAL LusH) Sponsored By: QAPM Additional Info : The...

More details

Poppy - by Artists: Howard Butterworth

Lot 40

Penguin Name: Poppy Artists Name: Howard Butterworth Sponsored By: John Clark Motor Group Additional Info : Poppies are inspirational ...

More details

The Voyage of the Discovery - by Artists: Alice Newman

Lot 41

Penguin Name: The Voyage of the Discovery Artists Name: Alice Newman Sponsored By: Forth Ports Additional Info : Alice's design illust...

More details

Tiaki The Blue Penguin from New Zealand Visits Dundee - by Artists: Fiona Sutherland Kim Hippolite

Lot 42

Penguin Name: Tiaki The Blue Penguin from New Zealand Visits Dundee Artists Name: Fiona Sutherland Kim Hippolite Sponsored By: Simple Min...

More details

Growing Knowledge - by Artists: Janice Aitken

Lot 43

Penguin Name: Growing Knowledge Artists Name: Janice Aitken Sponsored By: University of Dundee Additional Info : "This design celebra...

More details

Strictly on Ice - by Artists: Malcolm Menzies

Lot 44

Penguin Name: Strictly on Ice Artists Name: Malcolm Menzies Sponsored By: Seaways Chip Shop Additional Info : Everybody loves a pengui...

More details

Fair Isla - by Artists: Lindsay Allardyce

Lot 45

Penguin Name: Fair Isla Artists Name: Lindsay Allardyce Sponsored By: Morris Leslie Additional Info : Lindsay's design is inspired by ...

More details

Hell's Penguin - by Artists: Graham D. Farquhar

Lot 46

Penguin Name: Hell's Penguin Artists Name: Graham D. Farquhar Sponsored By: Alliance Trust Additional Info : In our Society, Hell’s An...

More details

King Robert the Bruce Penguin - by Artists: Melanie McCormack

Lot 47

Penguin Name: King Robert the Bruce Penguin Artists Name: Melanie McCormack Sponsored By: Caledonia Contracts Additional Info : The Ar...

More details

P-Pick Up The Phone Penguin - by Artists: Gail Stirling Robertson

Lot 48

Penguin Name: P-Pick Up The Phone Penguin Artists Name: Gail Stirling Robertson Sponsored By: James Keiller Gin Additional Info : "Thi...

More details

March of the Penguins - by Artists: Catherine Redgate

Lot 49

Penguin Name: March of the Penguins Artists Name: Catherine Redgate Sponsored By: NCR Additional Info : "March of the Penguins' invite...

More details

Chick - by Artists: Sandra Webster

Lot 50

Penguin Name: Chick Artists Name: Sandra Webster Sponsored By: Jotun Paints Additional Info : Chick was inspired by the Antarctica bre...

More details

Penguin Classic - by Artists: Calene Scott-White

Lot 51

Penguin Name: Penguin Classic Artists Name: Calene Scott-White Sponsored By: Thorntons Additional Info : Calene was thinking about ass...

More details

Yoda Penguin - by Artists: Matthew Low @episodeFLOW

Lot 52

Penguin Name: Yoda Penguin Artists Name: Matthew Low @episodeFLOW Sponsored By: Specsavers Additional Info : Who doesn't love star war...

More details

Now & Then - by Artists: Dawn Brooks

Lot 53

Penguin Name: Now & Then Artists Name: Dawn Brooks Sponsored By: Visit Scotland Additional Info : Inspired by Scotlands rich hist...

More details

Penguin's Paradise - by Artists: Mik Richardson

Lot 54

Penguin Name: Penguin's Paradise Artists Name: Mik Richardson Sponsored By: Winter & Simpson Additional Info : Penguin's Paradise' is ...

More details

A. Birdie - by Artists: Sally Adams

Lot 55

Penguin Name: A. Birdie Artists Name: Sally Adams Sponsored By: The British Golf Museum Additional Info : Sally just couldn’t let the...

More details

Koi Waves - by Artists: Brodie Hart (Pinchy)

Lot 56

Penguin Name: Koi Waves Artists Name: Brodie Hart (Pinchy) Sponsored By: Dundee Plant Company Ltd Additional Info : Brodie's design 'K...

More details

Touchy Penguin - by Artists: Chris McKay - Jolly Art

Lot 57

Penguin Name: Touchy Penguin Artists Name: Chris McKay - Jolly Art Sponsored By: Dover Business Services Additional Info : Spheniscida...

More details

Freeze Frame - by Artists: Maureen King

Lot 58

Penguin Name: Freeze Frame Artists Name: Maureen King Sponsored By: Duncan and Todd Opticians Additional Info : "Freeze Frame' penguin...

More details

Love, Light and Penguin Postures - by Artists: Lindsey Gardiner

Lot 59

Penguin Name: Love, Light and Penguin Postures Artists Name: Lindsey Gardiner Sponsored By: Inverurie Precast Ltd Additional Info : "T...

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