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CERTIFICATED TSAVORITE GARNET, AMETHYST AND DIAMOND CLIP EARRINGS.18 ct gold.Set with vibrant green colour tsavorite garnets ( Certificated )Vibra...

EXQUISITE ANTIQUE GARNET AND SEED PEARL WATCH BRACELET.Testing high carat gold.Set with vibrant garnet and matching pearls.Length: 20 cm61.6 gram.

LIMOGES, UNUSUAL AND RARE ENAMEL AND DIAMOND RING,High carat gold.The enamel finely painted depicting a putti holding a musical instrument.The ena...

ANTIQUE FLOWER HEAD DIAMOND BAR BROOCH.Set with bright and lively diamond approx. 0.90 ct.Width: 6.3 cm.4 gram.

MINIATURE PORTRAIT WITH ENAMEL AND PEARL LOCKET PENDANThigh carat goldenamel in great conditionpearls are well matched. L 4 cmW 2.5 cm13.5 grams

DIAMOND CHAIN NECKLACE.Testing high carat gold and platinum.Set with bright and lively diamond.Length: 41 cm.3.7 gram.

GEORGIAN ENAMEL MEMORI RING,High carat gold.Black enamel in good condition.The surmount of the head and the shank finely relief detailed.Back of t...

OPAL AND DIAMOND HINGED BANGLE.Testing gold.Set with opals of good play of colour.Set with bright and lively diamonds.Inner diam: 58.3 mm.14.4 gra...

ANTIQUE AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND EARRINGS Aquamarines are vibrant with no abrasionsdiamonds are bright, catch the light well beautiful, high quality...

VICTORIAN PERIDOT NECKLACE AND EARRINGS SUITE.Testing high carat gold.Set with vibrant green colour peridots.Necklace length: 38.5 cm.Earrings len...

RUBY AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,High carat gold.Gemstones totalling approx. 2 ct.Vibrant ruby of approx. 1 ct.Diamonds bright and lively.Size K 1/2....

LARGE CITRINE TWO STONE EARRINGS.Testing high carat gold.Vibrant citrine, 19 mm.16.6 gram.

ART-DECO SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND RING,Platinum.Vibrant blue sapphire of approx. 1.70 ct.Diamonds bright and lively.Size N 1/2.2.7 grams.

ANTIQUE ZIRCON BRACELETSet with vibrant zircons.Length: 20.5 cm.8.5 gram.

TIFFANY & CO, EDWARDIAN SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,18 ct. gold.Vibrant blue sapphire of approx. 1.49 ct.Diamonds bright and lively.Makers m...

RUBY AND DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS.Testing platinum.Set with vibrant rich colour rubies.Bright and lively diamonds.6.4 gram.

DIAMOND SNAKE GOLD RING,3-coil design.Diamond eyes, bright and lively.Size U 1/2.4.7 grams.

GEORGIAN TOURMALINE AND PEARL NECKLACE.Tested high carat gold.Set with bright and vibrant green tourmalines.Necklace length: 43 cm.Cross length: 4...

LOT OF CARVED INTAGLIOS,depicting warriors. 7.5 grams.

ANTIQUE PEARL AND DIAMOND FLOWER STUD EARRINGS.Set with matching pearls, probably natural. ( Pearls untested ).Bright and lively diamonds.Width: 1...

SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,High carat gold.Vibrant sapphires.Diamonds bright and lively.Size K.2.3 grams.

A BEAUTIFUL DECORATIVE JAPANESE SHAKUDO BROOCH.Tested high carat gold and silver.Width: 7.7 cm.46.9 gram.

PAIR OF ETRUSCAN REVIVAL TASSEL EARRINGS high carat gold diamonds are brightL 5.5 cm

RARE 18TH CENTURY STUART CRYSTAL RING,High carat gold.Size M.2.5 grams.

EDWARDIAN SAPPHIRE, PEARL AND DIAMOND BROOCH.Set with vibrant rich colour sapphires.Bright and lively diamonds.Matching pearls, Probably natural. ...

LOT OF CARVED INTAGLIOS,depicting warriors/inscriptions10.9 grams

AN EXQUISITE ANTIQUE VICTORIAN GOLD BANGLE.Testing gold.With beautiful decoration.Inner dia: 6 cm.13.3 gram.

DIAMOND HEART NECKLACEhigh carat golddiamonds are bright and livelyL 40 cm. 3.1 grams

A PAIR OF GOLD SHELL AND CORAL EARRINGS.High carat gold.Length: 29.37 mm.18.9 the manner of Seaman Schepps

3-STONE PEARL AND DIAMOND RING,15 ct. gold.Diamonds bright and lively.Pearl untested.Size L.2.6 grams.

VICTORIAN GOLD SNAKE LINK BRACELET WITH A BALL LOCKET.Testing high carat gold.Length: 18.4 cm.Ball width: 15.75 mm.14.9 gram

3-STONE DIAMOND RING,18 ct. gold.Diamonds bright and lively, totalling approx. 1 ct.Size U 1/2.10.9 grams.

LOT OF CARVED INTAGLIOS,depicting warriors/animals7.6 grams

ANTIQUE VICTORIAN PEARL AND DIAMOND EARRINGS.Testing gold and silver.Pearls are natural saltwater ( Verbal from GCS London )Bright and lively diam...

Lot 35


DIAMOND RING,18 ct. gold.Diamonds bright and lively.Size L.4.7 grams.

GOLD GUARD CHAIN WITH BALLS.Testing high carat gold.Length: 131 cm.11.7 gram.

VICTORIAN ENAMEL AND DIAMOND SET MOURNING BROOCH. High carat gold.Enamel in good condition.Diamonds bright and lively.L. 5.8 cm.8 grams.

OPAL AND DIAMOND PENDANT NECKLACE.Set with an opal of good play of colour.Bright and lively diamonds.Pendant length: 4.2 cm.5.9 gram.

ART-DECO DIAMOND RING,diamonds bright and lively.Size J.2.3 grams.

A BEAUTIFUL MULTI COLOUR GEM SET NECKLACE.Testing gold.Set with bright and lively gem stone including sapphires and emeralds.Length: 58 cm.17.5 gr...

LOT OF CARVED INTAGLIOS,depicting warriors6.6 grams.

VICTORIAN GOLD AND ONYX EARRINGS.Testing high carat gold.Length: 5.9 cm.7.4 gram.

ANTIQUE TURQUOISE AND DIAMOND DOUBLE HEART RING,Topped with a diamond set bow.Diamonds bright and lively.Turquoise well matched.Size N.4.3 grams.

PAIR OF DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, Set with a bright and lively diamond totalling approx. 1.50 ct. 2.8 grams.

PAIR OF ENAMEL AND DIAMOND EARRINGS.enamel in great condition diamonds are lively L 4cm.4.2 grams

ART-DECO DIAMOND RING, in platinum.Diamonds totalling approx. 1.25 ct.Diamonds G-I colour, VS/SI clarity.Size O. 5.5 grams. grams.

ANTIQUE GOLD LINK CHAIN.Testing gold.Length: 42.3 cm.5.2 gram.

DETAILED CARVED INTAGLIOdepicting a warrior1.4 grams

UNUSUAL ANTIQUE LAPIS LAZULI AND PEARL CLUSTER RING,High carat gold.Lapis lazuli well matched.Head L. 21.7 mm.Size M 1/2.5.2 grams.

VICTORIAN GOLD AND TURQUOISE SNAKE NECKLACE.Set with vibrant turquoise Length: 48 cm.25.4 gram.

PAIR OF MULTI GEM SPUTNIK EARRINGS high carat gold. gems are vibrant with no abrasions1.5 cm diameter 7.2 grams

ANTIQUE DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,Diamonds totalling approx. 1 ct.Center diamond approx. 0.51 ct.Size K.2 grams.

GOLD AMETHYST POISSARDE EARRINGS.Testing goldSet with vibrant amethysts.L. 2.5 cm.3.8 gram.

LOT OF CARVED INTAGLIOS,depicting warriors7.3 GRAM

DECORATIVE GOLD BRACELET.Testing high carat gold.Length: 20 cm.42.7 gram.

RARE ANTIQUE GEORGIAN ENAMEL SKULL RING,High carat gold.Set with a skull under a Stuart crystal.The shank decorated with enamel and gold letters w...

DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE CRESCENT BROOCH.Set with bright sapphire and bright and lively diamonds.Width: 4.4 cm.3.2 gram.

DIAMOND PEARL AND RUBY DOUBLE MONKEY BROOCH, Diamonds bright and lively.Ruby accents.Pearls well matched (untested).W. 5.4 cm.9.8 grams.

ANTIQUE DIAMOND CLUSTER PENDANT.Set with bright and lively diamonds totalling 1.10 ct approx.Length: 2.12 cm.2 gram

Lot 60


DIAMOND RING,Testing platinum.Diamonds bright and lively, totalling approx. 2.10 ct.Size P.6.9 grams.

  • 219 item(s)

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