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VINTAGE TRIPLE DIAMOND NECKLACE34.7 grams, 18 ct. gold bright lively diamonds, totalling approx. 1.10 ct.L 43 cm

AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND RING,4.9 grams. testing platinum.Rich and vibrant aquamarine of approx. 6.43 ct.Diamonds bright and lively.Size J.

PAIR OF VICTORIAN AMETHYST DROP EARRINGS,6.8 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Vibrant amethyst.Floral relief design.L. 4.7 cm.

VICTORIAN GARNET AND DIAMOND CLUSTER GOLD RING,1.4 grams.Vibrant garnets.Diamonds bright and lively.Size M 1/2.

ANTIQUE DIAMOND AND RUBY BRACELET,15.1 grams with bright old cut diamonds, in our opinion I-SIwith vibrant matching rubies with approx. 5.80 ct of...

CERTIFICATED CEYLON NO HEAT SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,5.5 grams, PlatinumRich and vibrant deep blue sapphire of 4.02 ct. (Certificated, Ce...

FINE PAIR OF ART-DECO DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS,4.8 grams, testing 18 ct. gold.Diamonds bright and lively, totalling approx. 1.15 ct.Diam. 1.4 cm.

PAIR OF ANTIQUE GEORGIAN PASTE EARRINGS,9.9 grams.Foiled back clear paste stones.L. 4.3 cm.

ANTIQUE CAMEO AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,5.4 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Fine amethyst cameo depicting the bust of a woman.Diamonds bright and lively...

PAIR OF ANTIQUE AQUAMARINE AND PEARL EARRINGS,5.3 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Vibrant aquamarines.L. 3.5 cm.

VINTAGE GOLD NECKLACE WITH RUBIES 56.2 grams with vibrant rubies with good clarity L. 40 cm

SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,5.1 grams, 18 ct. gold.Vibrant Ceylon blue sapphire of approx. 2.50 ct.Diamonds bright and lively, totalling app...

ART-DECO DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,3.9 grams, testing 18 ct. gold.Bright and lively diamonds, totalling approx. 1.40 ct.Size N 1/2.


FINE RUBY AND DIAMOND BROOCH,11.7 grams, High carat gold.Vibrant well matched rubies.Diamonds bright and lively.W. 4.4 cm.

RUBY AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,4.9 grams, 14 ct. gold.Rich and vibrant ruby of approx. 1.40 ct.Diamonds bright and lively, totalling approx. 1.70 c...

PAIR OF ANTIQUE PEARL AND DIAMOND EARRINGS,Larger pearl drops. (untested, believed to be natural).L. 2.5 cm.

VICTORIAN OPAL AND RUBY RING,2 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Vibrant opals with good play of colour, including red.Vibrant rubies.Size N 1/2.

EXQUISITE PAIR OF ART-DECO DIAMOND AND JADE DROP EARRINGS,8.9 grams.Diamonds bright and lively.Fine carved jade disks.L. 5.5 cm.

ANTIQUE FEDDE GIMMEL RING,2 grams.designed as 2 bands.The 2 hands can move apart to reveal the double heart underneath.Size N 1/2.

Lot 25


ANTIQUE SEAL,10.7 grams.Uncarved carnelian plaque.L. 3.1 cm.

AMETHYST AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING,9.6 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.large amethyst of approx. 13.4 x 9.64 x 5.7 mm.Diamonds bright and lively.Size P.

DIAMOND AND EMERALD BOW BROOCH. 12.8 grams, 18 ct. gold.Totalling approx. 3 ct. of gemstones.Diamonds bright and lively, totalling approx. 1.70 ct...

PAIR OF VICTORIAN AMETHYST AND ENAMEL DROP EARRINGS,5.2 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Vibrant amethyst.Enamel in good condition.L. 3.6 cm.

VICTORIAN DENDRITIC AGATE AND GARNET CLUSTER RING,2.5 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Cabochon cut dendritic agate.Vibrant garnets.Size P.

VICTORIAN EMERALD AND RUBY GOLD CLUSTER RING,Vibrant rubies.Vibrant emeralds.Size K.

ANTIQUE CARNELIAN FOB SEAL,17.8 grams.The intaglio carved carnelian with monogram.L. 3.3 cm.

ART-NOUVEAU DIAMOND RING, EVE AND THE SNAKE.10.5 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.The snake with a diamond in his mouth.Size M. Fine ring, lovely wearab...

IMPRESSIVE FRENCH VICTORIAN NECKLACE. 111.2 grams.Fine textured belcher links, approx. 8.5 mm. diameter.L 120 cm.

FINE ANTIQUE CARVED CAMEO PORTRAIT RING,8.5 grams. testing 14 ct. gold.Fine carved portrait depicting the bust of a man.L head 2.5 cm.Size M

ANTIQUE CITRINE INTAGLIO FOB SEAL,7.3 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Fine carved citrine intaglio depicting a man in profile, shakespear?L. 2.6 cm.

VICTORIAN EMERALD AND PEARL RING1.6 grams. In high carat gold.Vibrant emeralds.Locket back.Size N.


EXQUISITE GEORGIAN CITRINE GOLD FOB SEAL. 26 grams, Detailed citrine carving depicting a Phoenix. L 4.5 cm.

MOONSTONE AND DIAMOND HEART RING.4.3 gram.Set with vibrant blue sheller moonstone.Bright and lively diamonds.Size: R 1/2

ANTIQUE GOLD AND PEARL CHAIN NECKLACE 13 grams matching pearls, believed to be natural L 104 cm

ANTIQUE RUBY AND PEARL CLUSTER RING,2 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Size M.

ANTIQUE DIAMOND LEAF BROOCH,4.8 gramsbright lively diamonds, in our opinion I-VS-SIL 6 cm.

PAIR OF VICTORIAN PEARL DROP EARRINGS,6.9 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.L. 6 cm.

19TH CENTURY CARVED INTAGLIO RING.7.4 gram, 15 ct. gold.The intaglio carving presumed to depict emperor Servius Sulpicius Galba.Size: M 1/2

RARE ANTIQUE FOB SEAL,21.3 grams, testing 18 ct. gold.Detailed high relief decorationThe intaglio in gold, depicting a family crest with lions.Fin...

RARE ANTIQUE GARNET SOLITAIRE RING, possibly Georgian. 4.1 grams, testing 14 ct. gold. Vibrant garnet. Size O.

ANTIQUE GOLD CHAIN.8.1 grams, 18 ct gold L. 46 cm.

ANTIQUE MINIATURE PAINTED GOLD RING.8.2 grams.Fine painted portrait miniature of a soldier in uniform.Size P.

SWEET ANTIQUE DIAMOND PENDANT WITH CHAIN NECKLACE,2.9 grams.Diamonds bright and lively.L necklace 45 cm.

ART DECO DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE RING.3.6 grams. Set with bright diamonds. In our opinion I-J colour, VS clarity.Size: N

VICTORIAN TORTOISE SHELL JOCKEY CAP AND WHIP GOLD BROOCH,8.1 grams.The cap with gold wirework design.Well modeled and detailed.W. 6.4 cm.

DIAMOND CROSS OVER RING.2.3 grams.Set with bright diamonds.Size: K 1/2

PAIR OF VICTORIAN AMETHYST AND ENAMEL DROP EARRINGS,8.2 grams, testing 14 ct. gold.Vibrant amethyst.Enamel in good condition.L. 4.7 cm.

VICTORIAN PEARL AND TURQUOISE RING,4.4 grams. testing 18 ct. gold.Pearl well matched, believed to be natural (untested).Size M.

GOLD SNAKE LINK CHAIN L 40 cm 9.5 grams

SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING.2.5 grams, 18 ct. gold.Set with vibrant sapphire and bright and lively gem weight: 1.70 ct. appro...

LARGE INTAGLIO FOB SEAL. 25.7 grams.Fine carved carnelian intaglio, depicting a crest with lion.L. 5.3 cm.

  • 209 item(s)

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