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BowWow Haus London - Bespoke dog kennel auction

BowWow Haus London Live Webcast Auction 26 Apr 2018 19:30 BST

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  • Lots: 62

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  • 18:00 BST - 19:30 BST

Venue Address

  • St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London
  • Euston Road
  • London
  • NW1 2AR
  • United Kingdom

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There are 62 item(s) within this sale
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Results for live webcast and timed auctions may not have been verified by the auctioneer. If you are in any doubt of the accuracy of the prices provided, please call the auction house to confirm.

Jay Goulde, Avon Modular, JCON Commercial, Carolyn and Troy Secor - The Contemporary Canine

Lot 1

This kennel, made entirely of stainless steel tile, is a collaborative effort between Jay Goulde of Outdoor Arts Foundation, Jess Wirts of JCON Co...

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Chris Dyson Architects

Lot 2

This kennel from Chris Dyson Architects uses simple and elegant geometry married with a limited material palette to create a sculptural object as ...

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Miranda Knight - Pucci Palace

Lot 3

‘Oscar,’ the toy poodle, poses with ‘Pucci Palace’ designed and built by Miranda Knight of MKM mosaics in Bristol. Constructed from curved Marine ...

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Studio Lisboeta - TravelKennel

Lot 4

RESERVE £2000 Our society is becoming increasingly nomadic and aesthetically conscientious. Based on this principle, the TravelKennel is designed ...

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Russian for Fish with Danny Steadman - BowWow Basil

Lot 5

RESERVE £2000 This fun design is designed and built by London architects Russian for Fish. It is inspired by St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, M...

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Christina Fallah Design, Sterling Studios and Lightplan - St. Pooch Haus

Lot 6

RESERVE £3000 St Pooch Haus is a collaborative work by Christina Fallah, Fiona, Francois and Amelie of Sterling Studios, and John Roberts of Light...

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Denise Jaques - Disco Doggy

Lot 7

RESERVE £1500 This kennel is by Denise Jaques of Mosaic Happy, Farnham in Surrey. It is a kennel built from wedi board and jesmonite, adorned with...

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Denizen Works - DW Kennel

Lot 8

RESERVE £2000 Created by London based Denizen Works and Cantifix, this glass kennel within a kennel is designed to hold 2,000 tennis balls to ensu...

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Doggle Box - DLM Architects

Lot 9

RESERVE £1000 Built by DLM Architects and fabricated by DLM. Designed as a floating monolithic concrete block, the top opens to reveal a storage a...

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Formation Architects with Bill Cleyndert & Company - Quilty Kennel

Lot 10

RESERVE £1500 Rosie,  the border terrier, is in the kennel built by Formation Architects of London, which functions as a piece of furniture with a...

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FT Architects with Bruce Oldfield OBE - The Egg

Lot 11

RESERVE £2000 FT Architects of London with Bruce Oldfield have created a gold chrome egg-shaped kennel constructed from glass fibre with a plush r...

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PLYable Design and EDable Architecture - Kable the Kennel Table

Lot 12

RESERVE £2000 PLYable Design and EDable Architecture. The Kable, where kennel meets table. Dogs love to hang out under the dinner table, so why no...

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Roselind Wilson Design - Buddy Box

Lot 13

By Roselind Wilson Design of London with metalwork by DM Design Ltd. The concept for our design developed from our appreciation of versatlity and ...

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Tamara Froud - Pooch Palace

Lot 14

RESERVE £1500 The Pooch Palace by Tamara Froud was designed to offer a splash of The Great Gatsby panache with a cosy and comforting interior spac...

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TLA Studio with Louise Glazebrook - Dog Pod

Lot 15

RESERVE £2500 Designed and built by TLA Studio of London with the concept by Louise Glazebrook, it is made from 12 pieces of bendable plywood and ...

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Cloud Kennel - Patrik Schumacher for Zaha Hadid Design

Lot 16

RESERVE £7500 Cloud by Zaha Hadid Design is pictured with ‘Ziggy’ the Portuguese water hound. The design is a an elevated, hollow plywood sphere b...

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Allison Shelly Redd - We're All Mad Here

Lot 17

This beautiful mosaic, Alice in Wonderland-themed kennel is by St Petersburg (Florida) artist Allison Shelly Redd. Complete with “Drink Me” bottle...

More details

Jane Perkins - Shrine to St.Roch

Lot 18

RESERVE £5000 By Jane Perkins. St Roch is the Patron Saint of dogs. During the 14th century, St Roch survived the plague having alledgedly been he...

More details

Eileen Goldenberg- Dogs Rule II

Lot 19

RESERVE £3000 Florida artist Eileen Goldenberg's incredible "Dogs Rule II" castle kennel features over 20,000 individual pieces of gold and silver...

More details

Jeff Monsein - The Royal Wedding Cake House

Lot 20

Florida artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint's beautiful tribute to the Royal Wedding is a cake-themed kennel made out of pearlescent white tile wit...

More details

Natalie Guy - Spring Blossom

Lot 21

Spring flower octagonal Tee Pee mosaic kennel by Natalie Guy of Bournemouth. Made from a marine ply chassis and adorned 540 iridescent glass flowe...

More details

Jim Warren -The Dog Decorator

Lot 22

RESERVE £3000 Famed surrealist Jim Warren created this amazing kennel titled the ""Dog Decorator"" complete with a portrait of a King Charles span...

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Sally Evans - Sally's Pally

Lot 23

Florida artist Sally Evans created this stunning tribute to the King Charles spaniel aptly titled "Sally's Pally".  Sally's signature style is hig...

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Sue Smith Glass - St Rovers

Lot 24

 RESERVE £3000 The walls of St Rovers by Devon-based Sue Smith are  stained glass mosaic and the roof is made up from vintage china.  The kennel b...

More details

Stephanie Ong - Puppy Love

Lot 25

Florida artist Stephanie Ong created this gorgeous mosaic tile kennel inspired by the abstract expressionist palette she paints with.  This incred...

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Sarah Stanley Mosaics - Home Sweet Home

Lot 26

The Home Sweet Home mosaic kennel is by London mosaic artist Sarah Stanley. It took just over a month to create and is made up of thousands and t...

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Rasta Geary Taylor - Field of Dreams

Lot 27

Florida artist Rasta Geary Taylor created this tribute to the legends of Manchester United Football Club.  The kennel features a replica of Old Tr...

More details

Hasan Al-Rashid - K3

Lot 28

The design of the K3  came from a simple sketch of a hollow cube. While keeping its rigid six-sided structure, the interior space is organic and f...

More details

Fleischman Garcia Architects - Pawvillion

Lot 29

'I approached the design of our BowWow Haus London entry intent on creating a contemporary, dynamic interpretation of the classic doghouse. I was ...

More details

Brian O'Tuama Architects - Inu-Goya

Lot 30

Designed by Brian O'Tuama Architects who say: "A Japanese Shiba Inu named Alfie keeps us company in our studio.  Our design has been inspired by h...

More details

Gruff Ltd - A Kennel for Otto

Lot 31

"At Gruff, we enjoy and utilise a wide range of design and representational techniques, including physical modelling, traditional draftsmanship an...

More details

Jules Burt - Bark Gallery

Lot 32

Florida artist Jules Burt came to prominence in the early 90s when her work was featured on the set of the television programme "Friends".  Jules'...

More details

Pim.studio Architects - PiM.dog

Lot 33

Designed by piM.studio Architects, PiM.dog is an elegant and playful object; it is at the same time a house and an interactive toy. The shape of P...

More details

JH - collective, C.Howes Design and Bertie Buck - Diamond in the Woof

Lot 34

JH-Collective sought inspiration from the Blue Cross and the animals that they help when designing ‘The Diamond In The Woof’. Founder of JH-Collec...

More details

Green Tea Architects and Ben Fogle - Green Nest

Lot 35

By Green Tea Architects and Ben Fogle  with joinery by Shape London. The Green Nest was a fun group collaboration that we created with input from ...

More details

Ptolemy Erlington - 'Untitled'

Lot 36

Designed by renowned artist Ptolemy Erlington, this untitled piece features upcycled automotive parts including hubcaps and fenders. Using tremend...

More details

Travis Alan Mills and Russell Watson - Best in Show

Lot 37

The design features stage lighting, glamorous red curtains and even a bespoke back stage area. Materials and fabrication are by ChopShop CNC.Inspi...

More details

Yelo Architects - Kubo

Lot 38

By Yelo Architects; Fabrication by Vertex Joinery. Our design takes the form of the classic pitched roof dog kennel and reduces it to a simple cub...

More details

Carl Trenfield Architects - A House for Stanley

Lot 39

By Carl Trenfield Architects. On an immediately tangible level, A house for Stanley adopts and then upwardly reflects the quintessential profile o...

More details

Chelsea Commodari - For Your Paws Only

Lot 40

Florida artist Chelsea Commodari's kennel is a tribute to the late Sir Roger Moore.  Titled "For Your Paws Only", the kennel features white and bl...

More details

Condy Lofthouse and Anne Robinson - The Hideaway

Lot 41

Condy Lofthouse Architects and celebrity Anne Robinson have teamed up to create a wonderful doghouse which Anne thinks is the perfect place for a ...

More details

Derek Ray of Embrace Forever - Reconciliation of Duality

Lot 42

This beautiful kennel by US architect Derek Ray of Embrace Forever features multiple levels for dogs and cats to chill out and view their surround...

More details

Greta Sanders Kusterbeck and Nigel Milligan of Tons of Tile - Untitled

Lot 44

From Greta Sanders Kusterbeck and Nigel Milligan of Tons of Tile comes this gorgeous kennel made of iridised tile beads and a bamboo roof.  Slats ...

More details

Serena de la Hey - Untitled

Lot 45

The dog on top of the kennel is built by Serena de la Hey of Somerset, famed for building the giant willow man of Bridgwater which is visible from...

More details

Francesca Busca - If You'll Excuse Me (It's Me Time)

Lot 46

By Francesca Busca: "My aim was to make something resembling a place which a dog would choose in nature: large, dark, ventilated and dry. A place ...

More details

Heather Richardson - Game of Bones

Lot 47

This kennel by Safety Harbor artist, Heather Richardson, features mosaic mirrors and bones made of polymer clay... the title, “Game of Bones,” of ...

More details

Ivan Djidev - Temple of Dogs

Lot 48

By Ivan Djidev who says: 'I was inspired to create a small temple from the wooden kennel that I got at the beginning of this amazing project. My i...

More details

Jay Goulde, Matt Maynard, Eric Palmgren, Amanda McGraw and Tracy Rich - Canine Campanile

Lot 49

Created by staff of the Outdoor Arts Foundation, the Canine Campanile is inspired by the Campanile di San Marco in Venice.  The kennel features na...

More details

Joanne Osborn - English Garden Daydream

Lot 50

Venezuelan-born artist Joanne Osborn’s kennel titled “English Garden Daydream” is beautifully painted in soft iridescent tones with images of mini...

More details

Martha Deambrose and students from Tampa Preparatory School - Wags and Waves

Lot 51

This unique kennel from art teacher Martha Deambrose and several of her students at Tampa Preparatory School is titled "Wags and Waves" and featur...

More details

Petplan - Laura D'Alessandro of Henson Franklin - Barkingham Palace

Lot 52

At Petplan, we know our pets are part of the family and only the best is good enough for them. Therefore, we created Barkingham Palace as our King...

More details

Rich Brown - Take Paws

Lot 53

This beautiful kennel titled "Take Paws" from Florida artist Rich Brown features a dog sculpture on top, hand carved from a single block of reclai...

More details

Rosa Gamarra - The Multifaceted House

Lot 54

This lovely contemporary kennel from Peruvian-born, New York based architect Rosa Gamarra features perspex so your dog can get a lovely view of it...

More details

Design Haus Liberty - Villa Ruff-tunda

Lot 55

This bespoke doghouse is by Design Haus Liberty and built by Fabtech Engineering.Our four legged furry friend gets a modern interpretation of Pall...

More details

Dee Rodriques and Silas Beach - Bark Marley

Lot 56

This gorgeous Jamaican-themed kennel by Florida artists Dee Rodriques and Silas Beach is made with a wood frame and is entirely covered in mosaic ...

More details

Sue Penrose Mosaics - Rainbow Disco Dog Kennel

Lot 57

By Sue Penrose. Made from mirror, glass and ceramic tiles. Designed to bring year round sunshine and joy to you and your dog.

More details

Reservoir Dogs - A Kennel for Friends - SPARK Architects

Lot 58

A terrace in the round of varying sizes of doghouses with a central drinking bowl forms SPARKS' convivial Reservoir Dogs, one of two designs for t...

More details

Studio Octopi and Rebecca Adlington OBE with Bluet and Creasy - The Amphibious Dog House

Lot 59

All dogs love to play, especially around water. Studio Octopi has taken the brief for a kennel and thrown it in some water, designing the first ev...

More details

Barbara Irakoska - Bart House

Lot 60

The concept of the design "less is more" is based on an idea of having one flexible unique kennel design which can be transformed in four differen...

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  • 120
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