Dispersal Sale by Auction at Glebe Farm, Costock, Leicestershire
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Currency: GBP
Commissions ex. VAT/sales tax: 2.00% (includes buyer's premium and online commission)
VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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Glebe Farm, Wysall Road, Costock, Leicestershire, LE12 6XQ, United Kingdom

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Quantity electric motors

2No. electric grease guns

Sinar moisture meter

Fertiliser pump, 3ph

PlasmaPart Industricut 80 Cut 120 plasma cutter, 3ph

Quad bike lock

6No. 6ft strip lights

A-frame linkage mounted

2No. Knapsack sprayers, spares or repairs

Pony Flow-4 meter. Serial No: 12170P

Wisdom Systems 850 chemical transfer batch meter

Nomix Enviro spray applicator

Quantity spring tines

Quantity bean coulters

Metal drive over grid 0.50m x 1.80m

Metal drive over grid 0.55m x 1.10m

Altek P380 6 cylinder spray pump, spares or repairs

Quantity bird scarers

Quantity bird scarers

Quantity bird scarers

Quantity implement jacks

Massey Ferguson 3085 door guard

Quantity bulk lights

Distribution head

Trimble CFX-750 RTK unlocked with dome and EZ-Steer unit

Centerline steering unit

Maidwell mole plough leg

Quantity mole plough spares

31No. Vaderstad coulters

Vaderstad 180/100-15 rear press wheel

Vaderstad 690x180-15 press tyres

5No. Vaderstad levelling board tines

Vaderstad marker ram

3No. Vaderstad covering tines

48No. Vaderstad Rapid discs

Vaderstad service tools

2No. Vaderstad marker discs

Quantity Vaderstad spares, nuts, bolts etc

Quantity Vaderstad spares, nuts, bolts etc

2No. Vaderstad RDA600s land wheel metering units

2No. Vaderstad 32 outlet seed heads

Quantity Vaderstad Carrier tines and spares

Quantity Vaderstad Carrier levelling boards and tines

Quantity Vaderstad Rexius twin spares including tines, points etc

Quantity Vaderstad Carrier spares

2007 Sumo Trio leg

Sumo Trio leg with Metcalfe points

4No. Sumo points used

18No. Sumo MXP low disturbance points, new

9No. Sumo AMP standard Tungsten points

2No. Sumo scraper holders

Quantity Sumo scrapers

6No. Sumo points used

Sumo disc hub bearing

Lot 55

2No. bearings

2No. bearings

Quantity Sumo leg protectors, used

Quantity Cousins discs parts etc.

9No. Cousins V-Form Tungsten MicroWing points, new

9No. Cousins V-Form MicroWing points, new

1No. Cousins V-Form MicroWing leg, extra long

  • Lots per page
  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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