Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards

In 1200 lots no reserve from gold & silver film ...

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Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 2 of 4
Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 3 of 4
Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 4 of 4
Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 1 of 4
Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 2 of 4
Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 3 of 4
Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards - Image 4 of 4
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Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards

Grandee - Nature Cigarrette Cards

1200 lots no reserve from gold & silver film prop sets star wars , coins,watches lots added daily

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At BST auction House , we wish to provide our customers with a convenient Auction location for their general auction needs within the Island of Ireland (delivery available ) We also post to Rest of UK. We are a family run Company and also have our own Buy, Sell, Trade shop,


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2a We can deliver  Most items Via Post office up to min 20kg Min charged is £5 plus postage cost  , we have our own van that can do deliverys Local, please contact office for quote ,Please Note Larger items can not be posted , Customers Can arrange there own delivery with a Courier Company. We Can pack and have your item ready for them (Please Note there is a Min charge to Pack depending on size etc ) packing from £5 We can organise delivery at the purchaser's risk of all items we send tracking details on all items so any items thats lost or damaged the purchaser must make claim against royal mail

3. Lots may be grouped, withdrawn or divided at the discretion of the Auctioneer.

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12 Upon receipt of payment in full from the purchaser the Auctioneer undertakes to pay to the vendor within a reasonable time ( 1 week from auction date), the balance of the purchase monies less any commission charges due

13all lots sold as seen so no returns no refunds etc enqury 1st if unsure 

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