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  • Ended 11 Aug 2020 21:25 BST

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  • Ossett
  • West Yorkshire
  • WF5 9JQ
  • United Kingdom

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E Leitz Wetzlar XB3 microscope viewfinder No. A75360 (Plug cut off, no PAT test)

Pentax data pack, pack of 52 x CD-R discs, Jobo comparator, glassless diabinders, 2 x The Daylight bulk film winders etc. (Spinner, Plug cut off, ...

Photolight 2464 photographic light, Bowens Monolite 400 light, Furse beam light and a Viewfinder light (Light control box, Plug cut off, no PAT te...

Assorted glass slides, storage cases etc. Further Information Approximately 130 slides in total. Approximately 80 are named Scottish scenes. ...

Yashica A18301 lens, Sigma Macro 1:4 28-70mm lens together with 17 x assorted small lenses

Agfa Colorflex camera with 1:2.8/50 lens

Contents to tray - Franke & Heidecke Rollei flash, LPL color head dichroic transformer, Philips PDC 112 digital timer, microscope slides

2 x aluminium professional flash light surrounds, enlargers, 2 x Thomas Industries Power Air division units etc.

Contents to bay - Courtenay Photonics Ltd colorflash light, Strand Electric theatre light, Altai regulated DC power supply, extension cables, Leis...

Contents to three boxes - Kodak carousels, small quantity of music CD's - Carpenters etc. and a small quantity of Emitape magnetic recording tapes

27 x assorted books on photographic material, photography and astronomy

Lot 2037

Adana London No.

Adana London No.2 printing press

Lot 2038

Adana No 3 H.

Adana No 3 H.3 printing press

Contents to tray - HP Combi Plant 4x5" Daylight sheet film processing system, Daulight developing tanks, glass measuring jars etc.

Realistic digital Pro-X headphones, Altai headphone, Philips headphones and another pair of headphones

Lubitel 2 camera with 4.5/7.5 7927505 lens

3 x items - Insta-Plus 1100 camera, Coronet Ambassador 6x9cm 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" camera and a Samsung AF480R camera

Contents to tray - Brownie Flash III camera, Kodak Starmite camera, Hauck TU20 enlarger timer, leather camera cases, Tumbler Master stone polisher...

Contents to tray - Ilford Exposure monitors, Envoy printing frames, Essex 35mm developing tank, Vivitar LX-M microscope accessory etc.