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Ossett, West Yorkshire
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  • Ended 15 Sep 2020 21:43 BST

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Currency: GBP
Commissions ex. VAT/sales tax: 18.00% (includes buyer's premium and online commission)
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  • C W Harrison & Son
  • Milner Way
  • Ossett
  • West Yorkshire
  • WF5 9JQ
  • United Kingdom

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Please refer to our special conditions of sale with regard to collection. All bidders, whether collecting themselves or using an agent, must compl...


12 x assorted items - egg cup displays and bubble snack dishes etc

7 x assorted items - Kilo potato ricers and Kilo herb shears etc

7 x assorted items - Prep Solutions onion choppers, Zeal and Prestige graters etc

3 x Kilo potato chippers RRP £29.99 each (one unboxed)

9 x assorted items - 3 x wooden Pizza Board Sets (RRP £24.50) and 6 x chopping boards with mezzaluna choppers (£20.00)

13 x assorted Presige and Zeal coarse and fine ultra sharp graters RRP £12.50 each

23 x assorted Eddington steak thermometers, meat claws and Kilo oven thermometers

5 x assorted Zeal super slicing V slicers and multi user rotary graters RRP £24.50 each

5 x assorted items including 2 x Progressive Perfect Burger Press and 3 x Kilo garlic keepers

39 x assorted items - Zeal Quick and Easy silicone garlic peelers & Kilo deluxe garlic presses

9 x CDN Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers RRP £7.00 each

19 x assorted items - Prestige Garlic Presses, Kilo Lobster Crackers etc

5 x Progressive Prepworks multi openers RRP £12.50 each

20 x assorted Top Gourmet reusable straws and Epicurean wine charms

16 x assorted items of can openers and bottle openers

18 x assorted Kilo and Pizza Scooter pizza cutters RRP £8.00-£15.00

19 x assorted Tala and Zeal Apple Wedgers and a stainless steel can drainer

Quantity of assorted items - mini funnels, mini whisks, pie funnels, chocolate shakers etc

11 x assorted items - Champagne stoppers, cocktail sets etc

67 x assorted items - pizza cutters, tea stainers, brushes etc

18 x assorted items - meatballers, lemon squeezers, skewers etc

36 x assorted items - sugar tongs, can openers, spaghetti sizers etc

39 x assorted bottle and can openers RRP £8.25-£10.50 each

14 x assorted items - crinkle chip cutters, peelerspotato mashers etc

50 x assorted items - brushes, measures, ice trays etc

5 x assorted items - Zeal salad spinners, draining colanders etc

40 x assorted pottery items, salt shakers, olive oil dispensers, butter dish, pestle and mortar etc

7 x assorted items - 3 x cheese board sets (1 unboxed), 2 x salt grinders etc

11 x assorted items - 4 x Tala pinch pots and 7 x Richardson Sheffield salad hands (one unboxed)

17 x assorted Zeal items - cake servers, icing spatulas etc

11 x assorted Tala items - pastry blenders, scrapers and rollers etc

8 x assorted Kilo & Tala Jam/confectionary and meat thermometers RRP £8.50-£12.50 each

33 x assorted items - spoons, citrus zesters, spoon rest etc

11 x assorted Amefa 6 piece spoon and knife sets RRP £11.00-£15.00 each

22 x assorted childrens items - Tala baking sets, lick 'n' sip ice lolly moulds rolling pins etc

73 x assorted Kilo magnetic bag clips and pen scissors

48 x assorted baking items - 18 x jelly moulds and 30 x assorted pastry cutter sets

14 x assorted Zeal heat proof basting pumps, handy mini tongs, bean slicer etc

14 x Zeal Ecobagz reusable bags (assorted sizes) RRP £10.99-£13.50 each

18 x assorted items - Kilo Citrus Juicers (one unboxed), cutlery drainers, colanders etc

21 x assorted items - 3 x banana hangers, bamboo skewers, baking beads etc

8 x assorted Epicurean cocktail shakers RRP £11.00-£19.50

  • Lots per page
  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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