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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO BIDDING: This sale is held under instructions received from a major online retailer and com...

Three rugs - A Paco Home Therresa THE 020 grey rug - 80cm x 150cm, a Dream Shaggy mocca circular rug - 80cm diameter, and a Paco Home Artino 401 m...

A Paco Home Twister 500 green rug - 70cm x 140cm and a Paco Home Diamant SV 665 brown rug - 60cm x 110cm and 5 x Seamless tuequoise shaded floral ...

Lot 11

A Kukoon.

A Kukoon.com Bombay tartan ochre rug - 160cm x 230cm

Two rugs - A Kukoon.com Mystic Pennan terra rug - 150cm x 80cm and a Paco Home Tivago grey rug - 80cm x 150cm

Oxford shaggy rug, black, grey and yellow, 160cm x 230cm

Verona Shaggy rug, teal, 120cm x 170cm

Blazon rug, black, grey, white and mustard, 120cm x 170cm

Vincianto Tami rug, burnt orange, 94cm x 160cm

Tapiso Dream rug, grey, 160cm x 230cm

Paco Home rug, purple, grey and cream squares, 160cm x 220cm

Merinos Thema rug, grey design, 160cm x 230cm

Think Rugs Elements rug, yellow and cream,. 150cm x 230cm

Beige and multi coloured speckled rug, 160cm x 230cm

Kari Ombre rug, blush pink, 160cm x 230cm

White and blue patterned rug, 160cm x 230cm

Tapiso Maroko rug, gray tile pattern, 160cm x 220cm

Lot 27

Beige rug,

Beige rug, 160cm x 230cm

Happiness Pardis rug, multicoloured, 160cm x 230cm

Parma rug, black and grey, 160cm x 230cm

BT Carpet rug, grey, 160cm x 240cm

Surya Felicity rug, multicoloured, 5' x 7'6'

Arte Espina rug, multi blue, 160cm x 230cm

Milano Rugs Verona rug, red, 200cm x 290cm

Ayyildiz Parma rug, brown, 120cm x 170cm

Dunelm Eleni runner, grey, 57cm x 230cm

Paco Home Bahama rug, brown, multicoloured, 80cm x 160cm

Paco Home Bahama rug, multicoloured, 80cm x 150cm

Ayyildiz Miami rug, brown, 80cm x 300cm

Paco Home Ece Kids rug, green patterned, 80cm x 150cm

Grey, blue and green checked pattern rug, 155cm x 230cm

Lot 42

Two rugs,

Two rugs, cream shaggy rug and brown block runner

Grey and cream geometric pattern rug, 160cm x 230cm

Paco Home Tou rug, anthracite, 160cm x 230cm

Matrix rug, beige and red, 120cm x 170cm

Paco Home Brilliance SV rug, grey, 120cm x 170cm

Blue and white patterned rug, 80cm x 200cm

Blue and white patterned rug, 80cm x 200cm

Paco Home Sinai rug, brown, 80cm x 150cm

Three rugs - Vimoda Prime Shaggy circular rug, green, 80cm; Sehrazat Kunstfell rug, grey, 55cm x 80cm, and Vivace rug, yellow, 80cm x 50cm

Paco Home Diamant SV rug, grey and black, 120cm x 170cm

Milano Rigs Rome rug, cream and brown, 120cm x 170cm

Brooklyn rug, grey and rose, 120cm x 170cm

Paco Home Elegance Ele rug, grey, 120cm x 170cm

Sienna Home Collection rug, charcoal, 120cm x 170cm

A2ZRug Pera Shaggy Collection rug, ivory, 140cm x 200cm

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  • 120
  • 240
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