2014 / 64 BMW 730L D SE Exclusive

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Heywood, Lancashire

2014 / 64 BMW 730L D SE Exclusive

Sapphire Black With Ivory White Exclusive Nappa Leather, Executive Plus Package, Factory Rear Entertainment, BMW Professional With I Drive Control, Rear Comfort Seats, Front Comfort Seats, 20" Double Spoke Alloys, Independent Rear Telephone, Multifunctional Instrument Panel, Powered Bootlid, Ceramic Surround For Controls, Reversing Assist Camera, Sports Leather Steering Wheel, Fineline Wood, Soft Closing Doors, Electric Rear & Side Blinds, Privacy Glass, Foot Rests, Rear Electric Heated Seats With Memory Option Inc Reclining, Cost New 6 Months Ago £80K, V5 Available, 2 Keys, Book Pack, 6,000 Miles.

2014 / 64 BMW 730L D SE Exclusive

Sapphire Black With Ivory White Exclusive Nappa Leather, Executive Plus Package, Factory Rear Entertainment, BMW Professional With I Drive Control, Rear Comfort Seats, Front Comfort Seats, 20" Double Spoke Alloys, Independent Rear Telephone, Multifunctional Instrument Panel, Powered Bootlid, Ceramic Surround For Controls, Reversing Assist Camera, Sports Leather Steering Wheel, Fineline Wood, Soft Closing Doors, Electric Rear & Side Blinds, Privacy Glass, Foot Rests, Rear Electric Heated Seats With Memory Option Inc Reclining, Cost New 6 Months Ago £80K, V5 Available, 2 Keys, Book Pack, 6,000 Miles.

Pascoe SR9 RIB Speedboat & Luxury Vehicle Auction

Ends from
Venue Address
Parklands Block P1 Units 9-10
Heywood Distribution Park
OL10 2TT
United Kingdom

For Eurosimm Asset Management delivery information please telephone 01706 362740.

Important Information


All lots are subject to a

Buyer`s Premium of 7% + Vat on premium

***Vat applicable only on Lot 2 - 20%***

Sale Currency: GBP 


Viewing available on 5th May 2015 by strict appointment only.

Please contact Lee on 01706 362 740 to discuss an appointment


RIB - South Wales

Vehicles - Manchester


All lots will be sold subject to these Conditions of Sale and our standard terms and conditions, bidders are strongly advised to read them carefully.

No warranty is offered or implied. Each lot is bought and sold as seen. Viewing is welcome and recommended.


Bidding opens on Wednesday 29th April 2015 at 14:30pm, and closes at 2:30pm on Friday 8th May 2015.  Upon bidding ending the Auctioneers, Eurosimm Ltd, will consider the winning bids for acceptance and seek approval from the vendor prior to sale completion. 

Eurosimm Ltd reserves the right to reject any bid which does not reflect a reasonable value. 

Successful bidders will be notified by email Friday 8th May 2015. 


Full details including valid email address must be provided in order to receive approval for bidding. Eurosimm Ltd will retain all bidder details on our mailing list and may use these details for future sale notifications.  Bidder details will not be shared with any third parties.  Please contact the Eurosimm on 01706 362 740 if you wish to be removed from our database. 


A Buyers Premium of 7% will be added to all winning bids, Buyer Premium charges are not negotiable.


PAYMENT: Payment is required by Monday 11th May 2015 at 2:30pm upon receipt of invoice unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Auctioneers prior to the sale. We accept payments by BACS / CHAPS paid directly into our Clients Account. Payment details as follows: 

Account Name: Eurosimm Ltd

Ref: Luxury001

Cooperative Bank, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 4EP

Sort Code: 08-90-00

Account No: 70905083

IBAN: gb84 cpbk 0890 0070 9050 83

Credit Card & Debit Card payments are accepted, we charge a 1.5% surcharge for use of our Credit Card payment facility.


Purchasers will be charged Value Added Tax on all lots, where applicable, at the current rate of 20%.


REMOVAL OF LOTS: All Lots to be collected on a pre arranged day organised by the Auctioneer (unless an extension to the removal timescale has been authorised by the Auctioneer prior to bidding) and upon our receipt of cleared funds must make a prior appointment to remove goods from the Sale Site.  Collection is made by strict appointment please contact Eurosimm Ltd.   


Goods become the responsibility of the purchaser upon receiving notification of a winning bid and we strongly recommend purchasers insure against all risks.  Title does not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full. 


The Auctioneers undertake that care has been taken to see that the catalogue descriptions and advertisements are accurate and reliable, however any error take in descriptions including Make, Model, Year of Manufacture, Hours of use are the responsibility of any prospective bidders to confirm via viewing, prior to bidding on lots. 


Eurosimm Ltd reserve the right to refuse to accept the bid of any bidder should they be unable to satisfy Eurosimm Ltd on any of the above conditions.


Eurosimm Limited

Eurosimm Asset Management
Parklands, Block P1 Units 9-10
Heywood Distribution Park
Pilsworth Road
OL10 2TT
United Kingdom

Terms & Conditions



1: On-Line Auction Sale Conditions


These on-line auction sale conditions, together with any special conditions or ‘Notices to Purchasers’, are the only terms and conditions subject to which Eurosimm Ltd (“ESL”) acting as agents for the Vendor will deal with buyers. Bidding for any lot shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions and any conditions in the Notices to Purchasers. If there is any inconsistency between any of these conditions and anything in the Notices to Purchasers, then those in the Notices to Purchasers shall prevail.


Unless otherwise agreed I writing ESL act as agents for the vendor in any sale by auction and not as principal.


2: Inspection and Description


2.1 Buyers have a responsibility to make their own inspection and investigation of the lots at the time(s) and at the premises specified and to satisfy themselves on all matters affecting the lots and to inspect and satisfy themselves prior to the sale as to the condition and description of a lot its fitness and suitability for purpose. Bidding is restricted to viewing days as a general rule however in exceptional circumstances buyers should contact ESL or the vendor in order to arrange a viewing should they wish to be able to view any lot prior to bidding.


2.2 Goods are believed to be correctly described however it is likely that on occasion the description may have errors in it and that there may be undisclosed or unknown faults. All goods are sold subject to any faults, imperfections and errors of description.


2.3 Neither the Vendor nor ESL, their directors, servants, advisors or agents makes or gives, nor has any person in the employment of ESL any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty in relation to any lots or items for sale.


3: Limitation of Liability


3.1 Neither the Vendor nor ESL, their servants or agents shall be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Buyer arising out of or in connection with any defects or deficiencies in any lots purchased, errors of description in the auction catalogue, any misstatements as to any matter affecting the lots or the failure of the lots to fulfil the functions for which they were intended.


3.2 ESL’s and the Vendor’s total liability for breach of contract or negligence is limited to the Bid Price which is the price bid and paid in cleared funds by the Buyer.


3.3 Neither ESL nor the Vendor shall be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit, loss of business or otherwise) incurred by the Buyer howsoever arising.


3.4 Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of ESL or Vendor for death or personal injury caused by their negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation.


3.5 Nothing in these conditions (except as agreed herein) shall prejudice the statutory rights of a consumer who shall be bound by these conditions only insofar as they are consistent with such statutory rights.


3.6 ESL has entered into this agreement as agents for and on behalf of the Vendor and neither they their firm, directors, partners, employees, advisers, representatives or agents shall incur any personal liability whatever in respect of any of the obligations undertaken by the Vendor or in respect of any failure on the part of the Vendor to observe, perform or comply with any obligations under this agreement or in relation to any associated arrangements or negotiations or under any document or assurance made pursuant to this agreement.




4: Conduct of Sale


4.1 ESL reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse admission to its premises and grounds or those, which it has, authority over to any person or persons.


4.2 The conduct of the sale shall be at ESL’s sole discretion and ESL reserve the right to refuse any bids without giving any reason.




4.3.1 If any dispute of whatsoever nature relating to a bid shall arise, such dispute shall be determined by ESL in their absolute discretion and whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties and this clause shall be paramount unless clause is triggered.


 In case clause 4.3.1 shall prove unenforceable then such disputes referred to in clause 4.3.1 shall be determined in accordance with the following provisions of this clause 4.3.2. Clause shall apply to all other disputes mentioned therein.
 In relation to any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, including any question regarding its breach, existence, validity or termination or the legal relationships established by this agreement, shall be finally resolved by arbitration under the UNCITRAL Rules in force at the date of this agreement. It is agreed that:


(a) the tribunal shall consist of one arbitrator (who is to be a practicing barrister;


(b) in default of the parties' agreement as to the arbitrator, the appointing authority shall be the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London;


(c) the seat of the arbitration shall be London;


(d) the law governing this arbitration agreement shall be English; and


(e) the language of the arbitration shall be English.


4.4 Each bidder must register prior to submitting any bids in On-Line sales. ESL reserves the right to reject any registration at its sole discretion.


4.5 The Vendor and ESL reserve the right to fix a reserve price for any lot.


4.6 No bid may be withdrawn after the close of bidding. The Vendor or ESL have absolute discretion to withdraw consolidate or divide any lot at any time.


4.7 Ordinarily the highest bidder for each lot at the close of bidding shall be the Buyer, however this shall always remain subject to approval by ESL and the Vendor.


4.8 The Sale Price is exclusive of the buyer’s premium and VAT. The highest bid at the close of bidding subject to approval by ESL and Vendor also marks a conclusion of a contract of sale between the Vendor and the Buyer.


4.9 In making a bid for any lots, the Buyer does so as principal.


4.10 The Buyer will be held personally and solely liable for a bid unless ESL have prior to any bid being made or received agreed in writing with the Buyer that that bidder will do so on behalf of an identified third party acceptable to ESL in which case unless otherwise agreed I writing with ESL both the Buyer and the third party will each be jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the bid (to include the price, premium and VAT) and the third party shall be bound by these conditions (as will its agent) in the same way as if it were bidding personally.


4.11 All payments are to be made to ESL’s nominated bank account and not to the Vendor directly. Payments made directly to any Vendor shall specifically not extinguish any debt due under this contract.


5: Risk and Title


5.1 As from the date and time the Buyer is declared, all risks in and relating to the Goods purchased, shall pass to the Buyer and the Buyer is strongly advised to effect insurance for these risks at once.


5.2 In no circumstances will ESL or the Vendor be responsible if any Goods or part thereof be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed after the Buyer is declared.


5.3 The Vendor shall only sell such right title or interest (if any) in the Goods that he may have. Neither ESL nor the Vendor warrants the Vendor’s good title to any of the Goods and if it is found that the Vendor does not have title or unencumbered title to any of the Goods purported to be sold under these conditions the Buyer expressly agrees that it shall have no right either to rescind the contract or to claim damages or a reduction in the consideration paid or payable under the contract. The buyer shall be responsible to determining the title to any goods and it is agreed that in the circumstances this is fair in view of the price paid. Title to each of the Goods will not pass until: -



(a) all debts owed by the Buyer to ESL (whether part paid secured or otherwise) are settled, for the avoidance of doubt the debts shall not be settled until (where payment or part payment is made by cheque) all cheque(s) in question have been cleared and funds received in such manner that they are not subject to recall in any manner; and



 (b) such Goods have been removed from the premises at which the sale is held or where the Goods are being stored in their entirety.


6: Removal


6.1 No lot or part thereof can be removed until payment in cash or bank transfer has been made in full to ESL's designated bank account in unencumbered funds.


6.2 No lot shall be removed without the authority of ESL and unless under the supervision of ESL's servants or agents.


6.3 Removal shall take place only up to 4.00 pm and must be completed by 4.00 pm on the day following the sale (and in every case time shall be of the essence) unless the Notice to Purchasers otherwise specify or written authority is obtained from ESL for clearance after that time.


6.4 The Buyer has no right to anything not in the auction catalogue.


6.5 Delivery of lots sold will be made only to the declared Buyer and no transfer of any lot or part of a lot to any other person will be recognised.


6.6 Prior to the removal of any lot the Vendor may rescind the contract for the sale of that lot and refund to the Buyer any money paid by the Buyer for the lot should any third party claim title to or possession of any part of the lot.


6.7 The Buyer will be responsible for removal of lots at his own expense and costs and must provide his own labour, and equipment. ESL require that in pursuit of safe working practice all equipment used for lifting and transportation should be covered by appropriate insurance and registration documents (in particular but not limited to lifting equipment and fork lift trucks).  The Buyer shall at all times comply with all and any relevant health and safety legislation.


6.8 Such documentation shall be produced to ESL by the Buyer on request for inspection and if the Buyer fails to produce such documentation ESL reserve the right to refuse to clear the lot and/or rescind the sale in which event the provisions of condition 8 will apply.


6.9 Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn at all times during these activities and due regard paid to safe material handling practices.


7: Damage to Premises


7.1 The Buyer shall be responsible for the removal of all goods purchased at his own expense and risk and such removal must be carried out safely and lawfully and in accordance with any conditions of sale of which the Buyer is notified.


7.2 For the avoidance of doubt removal includes where applicable disconnection from the mains electricity supply and the detachment of any lots which are fixed.


7.3 All electrical installations must be left in a safe condition during and after the removal and the use of explosives or flame cutting equipment or any other potentially hazardous or inflammatory process shall not be permissible on the site without the express written consent of ESL.


7.4 The Buyer shall be responsible to insure against and to make good any injury or damage to persons or property caused by the Buyer, their employees, carriers, servants or agents detaching, disconnecting or removing any goods purchased by the Buyer.


7.5 The Buyer shall produce his insurance documentation to ESL on request and if the Buyer fails to produce such documentation ESL reserve the right to refuse to clear the lot and/or rescind the sale.


7.6 The Buyer shall indemnify ESL for any damage or loss, which ESL may suffer in respect of loss, damage or injury, suffered by the Buyer’s agents or employees or any third party arising from the removal.


7.7 At its discretion ESL may require the payment of a monetary bond to ESL prior to and/or during the removal, which will be refunded on the removal being completed to ESL’s satisfaction.


7.8 If the Buyer refuses to deposit such monies, the Vendor or ESL may refuse the Buyer access to the premises for the purposes of removing the lot purchased by them and/or rescind the sale in which event the provisions of condition 8 will apply.


7.9 ESL reserve the right to stop the removal of a lot by a Buyer, his agents or employees, if it appears to ESL or its agents or employees that the removal is being carried out in an unsafe or unsatisfactory way.


8: Default by Buyer


Upon failure by the Buyer for whatsoever reason:-

 (i) to pay any deposit in full if required under these Conditions of Sale;


 (ii) to pay the purchase price in full on the due date;


 (iii) to provide any documentation required under these conditions;


 (iv) to remove the goods in a safe, lawful and otherwise generally satisfactory way;


 (v) to remove any lot from the premises on or before the date specified for removal;




(vi) to comply with these conditions of sale


The Vendor or ESL shall be entitled to rescind the contract forthwith without incurring any liabilities to the Buyer and, without prejudice to any claims of the Vendor and/or ESL against the Buyer arising from breach of contract or otherwise, upon rescission as aforesaid the following provisions apply:


(a) all monies deposited in part payment will be forfeited and used to pay the Vendor's and/or Eurosimm Limited's expenses referred to in paragraph (d) below;


(b) if the lots have been removed in breach of any these conditions herein, the Vendor and/or Eurosimm Limited, their servants or agents may enter the premises of the Buyer to recover such lots and the Buyer gives ESL and the vendor and their respective agents irrevocable authority to do so using reasonable force if necessary in order to recover such lots;


(c) lots may be re-sold or otherwise disposed of by ESL in the manner they feel appropriate at their sole discretion and any deficiency arising upon the resale together with the expenses of it shall be due as a debt from the Buyer in default upon the first sale. The Buyer consents to such resale on ESL’s conditions of business applicable at the time of resale. Neither ESL nor the Vendor shall be liable to account to the Buyer in the event of a re-sale at a higher price than the price contracted to be paid by the Buyer. The Buyer waives any claim in such a case that he may have title to the lot and agreed that any re-sale price shall be deemed commercially reasonable. The Buyer indemnifies the Vendor and ESL for any losses occasioned by then as a consequence of such subsequent sale;


(d) the Buyer will be responsible from the specified time for final removal for all losses and expense incurred by the Vendor and/or ESL including storage, security and removal expenses, the costs of re-selling or disposing of lots and ESL's commission.


9: ESL as Agent


9.1 ESL act only as Agents for and on behalf of the Vendor and shall not be held responsible for any act, omission or default on the part of either the Vendor, bidders or the Buyer.


9.2 Any concluded contract of sale is made directly between the Vendor and the Buyer.


10: Accident or Damage


10.1 Neither ESL nor the Vendor will accept any responsibility for any accident, (except for that arising out of its negligence, or the negligence of its agents or employees, resulting in death or personal injury to the extent permitted by law) howsoever caused to any person which may occur whilst on ESL's premises, the Vendor's premises or such other premises used to hold the auction or to store the lots before during or after the sale and any person entering the premises does so at his own risk and is deemed to have notice of the condition of the premises and their contents.


11: The Consumer Protection Act 1987


No lots are sold as new.


12: Health & Safety At Work


12.1 It is expressly brought to the Buyer’s attention and that of potential buyers, at the time of sale, any item of plant, machinery or equipment contained in the goods may not comply with the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974; the Environmental Protection Act 1990; Construction Design and Management Regulations 1994 or any other Act of Parliament or regulations thereunder governing the use of that plant, machinery or equipment in a working environment.


12.2 Buyers of any such plant, machinery or equipment are hereby required to ensure so far as reasonably practicable that such item will be safe and without risk to health and that the use of any such items at a place of work within the EEC & the United Kingdom does not contravene any such Act of Parliament or regulation applicable to such use.


13: Dangerous Substances


13.1 It is expressly brought to the attention and/or of Buyers (and potential buyers) that certain types of plant or main service installations could contain blue and white asbestos, dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste which if not handled correctly during their removal from the premises could be in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 Sections 2-9 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 (COSHH) or other current legislation regulating the use of such substances in a working environment.


13.2 The Buyer shall ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that they comply with the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974, COSHH and other current legislation in connection with the removal, handling and transport of such dangerous substances and or hazardous waste or shall employ a specialist contractor to remove them.


13.3 The Buyer shall, on request, satisfy ESL in relation to its removal procedures, and an approved and licensed contractor must undertake the removal of waste materials.


13.4 The Buyer will indemnify ESL and the Vendor, their respective servants or agents against any loss, damages or expenses suffered by them as a result of the Buyer’s or a sub -contractor’s failure to comply with this legislation.


14: Notices


14.1 Any notices or other communications shall be in writing and, if sent by post, shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee on the second working day after posting or, if the addressee is outside the United Kingdom, on the fifth working day after posting.


14.2 If any written notice is delivered by hand, it shall be treated as having been received at that time. Any notice sent to ESL shall be sent to ESL’s address as set out in the auction catalogue, or displayed on the Eurosimm Limited’s web site specific to that sale.


14.3 Any notice, which ESL send to, the Buyer may be sent to the Buyer’s last address known to ESL.


15: Third Party Rights


15.1 Save as expressly provided in these conditions, no term of these conditions shall be enforceable under The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by a third party.


16: Governing Law


16.1 These Conditions and any Conditions contained in the Notices to Purchasers, along with all associated transactions and all connected matters shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law


17: Severability


17.1 In the event that any provisions of these conditions shall be held unenforceable for any reason, the maximum remaining conditions shall remain in full force and effect.


18: General


18.1 It is agreed that this contract is fair in the circumstances and that all parties hereto have read and agreed to these terms. Further it is agreed that all parties have had the opportunity to take legal advice prior to entering into the auction process.


18.2 to the maximum extent permitted by law the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) are excluded form this sale.


18.3 In the case of any doubt as to meaning these terms and conditions shall be construed to be in favour of ESL.


18.4 In the event of any default by the Buyer in paying any sums due under this agreement to ESL or the Vendor (whether payable by agreement or by an order of a court or otherwise) the Buyer shall pay interest on such sum at the rate of 4% above the base rate from time to time of HSBC Bank PLC from the date when payment was due until all such monies have been paid in full together with all interest thereon.  Such interest shall accrue from day to day.


18.5 The Buyer:


18.5.1 warrants and represents that it will comply with all relevant provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 in its processing and use of any personal data transferred to it or of which it obtains possession pursuant to this agreement including contacting any persons to advise of the change of ownership of any customer list and allowing such persons the opportunity to object to their personal data being held or used by the Buyer.


18.5.2 shall indemnify and keep indemnified ESL and the Vendor and each of them against any claim or loss arising from or in relation to the transfer of any personal data to the Buyer or a failure by the Buyer to comply with the terms of Data Protection Act 1998 and clause 18.5.

See Full Terms And Conditions