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Newark, Nottinghamshire
Etta Avenue,CLASSIC BROWN WOOD FRAMED PRINT RRP -£30.99 (29558/37 -JMOL6853)
Etta Avenue,CLASSIC BROWN WOOD FRAMED PRINT RRP -£30.99 (29558/37 -JMOL6853)

Modern & Antique Furniture Auction inc Top High Street Brands

Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
Newark Auction Centre
Manners Road
Great North Road
NG24 1BS
United Kingdom

General delivery information available from the auctioneer

Tel:01636 605544

Important Information

Gascoines Auctioneers and Valuers (Est. 1954)

Newark Auction Centre

Gascoines Auctioneers and Valuers has been operating for over sixty years and continue to grow from strength to strength. Our first premises were in an old Georgian Theatre in Southwell, Nottinghamshire; we now operate from a recently extended 18,000 sq. ft. building in the centre of Newark, close to the A1 and good transport links.

Newark Auction Centre offers a wide selection of new and returned quality furniture and mattresses by leading manufacturers and well known retailers at hugely discounted prices.  

Both wholesale trade buyers and members of the public are welcome to purchase goods. We regularly have up to 1000 individual items on offer at our weekly Thursday sale. If you wish to visit in person, viewing takes place on Wednesdays 12 noon until 7.00pm and on Thursdays 8.30am until 10.00am, when the auction itself commences. All bidders need to provide a £200 deposit, if requested.  After the auction you will need to request the deposit to be refunded otherwise it will be held for future bidding.

Our friendly and professional team are always happy to answer any queries or questions you may have about attending the auction, placing a commission bid or bidding online. Please email info@newarkauctioncentre.com or call 01636 605544. We look forward to welcoming new clients. 

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • £200 Cash Deposit Required £200 online deposit required . 
  • Goods must be paid for and collected by the 2 working day (Monday, Mid-Day after the sale ends. If this is not adhered to then a storage charge will be implement including Monday till the date of collection.
  •  It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the auctioneers to arrange payment and collection.
  • If postage or Delivery is required then please contact the auctioneers before payment so invoices can be amended. (Please see the delivery tab for delivery estimates.)
  • The descriptions take precedence over the lot photographs. The auctioneer is not held responsible for buyers misunderstandings of the above.  
  • The auctioneer holds no responsibility for items that do not match the description. This includes – colour, size and/or brand.
  • All items are checked prior to entering the auction and are removed if viewed to be unusable but on occasion an unusable item could be sold. Unless damages stated in description.
  • All items as “sold as seen”. The Auctioneer holds no responsibility for damages before, during or after the sale. 
  • Items may not arrive in original packaging.
  • All items are checked for completeness and removed if viewed to be incomplete beyond use but on occasion an incomplete item beyond use could be sold. Unless stated in description



General Conditions of Sale as issued by Gascoines Auctioneers and Valuers

The Internet auction site is not an online retailer - the auction site is effectively acting as just a host to the sellers. This means that the Internet auction site is not responsible for the content of the advertisements placed. Unlike their live auction house counterparts, an online auction site will have no legal obligations in relation to the goods advertised for sale on its website.

The following Conditions of sale must be strictly adhered to and regulate the sale of each Lot to any Vendor, Bidder or Buyer who has been approved by Gascoines Auctioneers and Valuers (henceforth referred to as the Auctioneers). By participating in a sale, you will be judged to have read, understood and accepted these terms and are therefore bound by them.

The images (web links) may not match exactly to the Lot description. Colours or patterns may vary. All persons partaking in the auctions do so at their own risk. Under no circumstances will the Auctioneers, or the vendor be individually or collectively held responsible for any loss of damage caused to individuals or their property present on the Auction centre site or car park.

The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse approval to any Buyer or online Bidder at the former’s own discretion.

CONDITIONS REGULATING the Conduct of the Sale

The highest bidder acknowledged as such by the auctioneers will be the buyer. In the event of doubt, on the part of the auctioneers as to the validity of any bid, the Auctioneers will have absolute discretion to determine the successful bidder, cancel the sale, re-sell the Lot or take any such remedial action the Auctioneers sees fit.

WARNING: Many of the pieces sold are factory seconds, end of line, surplus stock returns, second hand or customer returns and may in some way be damaged, incomplete or faulty. It is not the Auctioneers’ responsibility to inform of any damages. All items are purchased at the Buyer or Bidders own risk and no guarantees or warranties can be provided by the Auctioneers.


Trademarks and Branding

Lots in any auction that have been physically de-branded must remain de-branded. No original trademarks or vendor/client logos or images may be copied or used by the successful Bidder in any circumstance. Any Buyer deemed in breach of this risks permanent exclusion from future auctions.

Buyers Premium

Please be aware that Gascoines Auctioneers and valuers charge a Buyer’s Premium of 18% for auction services on all Lots sold. Buyer’s premium is also subject to the addition of VAT at the current rate.

Please note that there is also a 5% i-bidder internet surcharge for each lot purchased online.


Vatable Sale

Room Bidder;



+VAT @ 20%                                                                 £20

+Buyer’s Premium @18%                                             £18

+VAT on Buyer’s Premium@20%                                 £3.60

Total to pay £141.60


Online Bidder;



+VAT @ 20%                                                                 £20

+Buyer’s Premium @18%                                             £18

+VAT on Buyer’s Premium@20%                                 £3.60

+I-BIDDER Internet Surcharge inc.VAT (@5%+VAT)       £6

Total to pay £147.60


Non Vatable  Sale


Room Bidder;



+Buyer’s Premium @18%                                             £18

+VAT on Buyer’s Premium@20%                                 £3.60

Total to pay £121.60


Online Bidder;



+Buyer’s Premium @18%                                             £18

+VAT on Buyer’s Premium@20%                                 £3.60

+I-BIDDER Internet Surcharge inc.VAT (@5%+VAT)       £6

Total to pay £127.60


The highest accepted Bidder, subject to the Vendors Reserve (if any) is deemed the successful buyer.

Every bidder shall be deemed to act as principal, unless there is a prior arrangement with the Auctioneers that he acts as an agent on behalf of a named principal.

The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse to accept bids from any person without stating a reason.

The Auctioneers reserve the right on behalf of themselves and the Vendor:

. To set a reserve price

. To rearrange, consolidate or withdraw any Lot(s)

. To vary the order of the sale

The Auctioneers shall not be obliged to announce the reserve price

No Person may advance on any bid less than the sum named by the Auctioneers.

No bidding may be retracted unless authorised by the Auctioneers.

Under no circumstances may the transferring of any Lot(s) from individuals or agents to any other parties be allowed on site.

No estimates made by the Auctioneers or their employees, whether in writing or orally, maybe relied upon ad a prediction of the actual selling price.

Payments and Collections


Lots FOR THE AUCTION are to be PAID FOR and COLLECTED by 2 WORKING DAYS following /after the sale. If not paid and collected they will be entered into the next auction.


Payments for Lots purchased must be made by cash(sterling), debit card and most major credit cards.

The Auctioneers as agents of the vendor, shall at its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights it might have, be entitled:

. To rescind the contract for sale of the Lot(s) sold to the defaulting Buyer at the auction

. To retain the Deposit and to pursue the Buyer directly for all monies owed.

. To enter the Lot(s) to be re-sold; the defaulting Buyer must pay the original invoice. Once this has been paid, we can arrange for the Lot(s) to re-sold.

. To remove, store (either at the premises or elsewhere) and insure, is necessary, the Lot(s) at the expense or the defaulting Buyer.

. To retain that or any other Lot(s) sold to the same Buyer at the same or any other auction and release it only after payment of the full invoice.

. To reject any bids made by or on behalf of the defaulting Buyer at any future auctions.

Credit will not be given to any Buyer.

The Auction result is final. Once your bid has been accepted, it is binding. This also applies to commission bids. Once an item has been sold, it becomes the Buyers responsibility. However, the Buyer is not entitled to move any Lot(s) until it is paid for in full.

Gascoines Auctioneers and Valuers offer no assurances or guarantees on any Lot(s) that we sell. We can offer no refunds, nor do we accept the return of goods, once your bid has been successful.

Lots purchased in the Live Webcast auctions can be paid for and collected up to 2 working days after the sale. All items must be collected by 2 working days following / after the weekly auction (unless you have made a prior arrangement with the staff). Storage charges of £5+VAT per item, per day will be incurred on goods not collected within the allotted time. Any item held in storage is done so at the Buyers own risk. The Auctioneers are not responsible for any damage that may occur. (Example - 1 lamp and 2 curtains would be £15 + vat a day for storage


Access for the purpose of removal of Lot(s) will be given only during normal business hours.

The Buyer is responsible for any labour and equipment necessary to collect their Lot(S) and must comply with any directions which may be given by staff.

The Buyer shall be responsible for any damage done to adjoining or other Lot(s) or to the Premises by the removal of their Lot(s) caused by the Buyer, their agents or carriers employed by him. Such damage must be made good or at the expense of the Buyer. Any estimated cost of repair is to be fixed by the Auctioneer, whose decision is binding to the Buyer.

The Buyer is also responsible for any loss of damage to any person resulting from the removal of the Lot(s) and indemnifies the vendor or the Auctioneer against any liability whether or not such damage was caused by the negligence of the Buyer or his agent.

Online Bidding

The Auctioneers do not accept liability for the placing of bids on i-bidder, or for the failure in any way for purchasers failing to secure their preferred Lot(s). The Auctioneers will not be held responsible for any failure of the internet or related hardware and software. Furthermore, they reserve the right to cancel an auction and re-offer Lot(s) if they suspect any undue interference or tampering with the on-line bidding system.


Gascoines Auctioneers and Valuers offer limited delivery services, by prior arrangement. However, this does not include freight or pallet delivery and only applies door to door. We do not offer any installation services.  

We do not offer any installation services.

Insurance and Risk

Goods are held at the vendors risk until sold. Ownership is conferred to the Buyer on the fall of the hammer

All goods purchased are the Buyers responsibility from the moment they are sold to him, on the fall of the Auctioneers hammer. The Buyers should make his own insurance arrangements from this point.

The Auctioneers will take reasonable care of the goods whilst they are on the premises and in the event of staff members helping to remove the goods after the sale

Liability for Accidents


The Buyer must undertake such reasonable and practical steps as are sufficient to ensure that the purchase will be safe and without risk to health and safety when properly used.

The Auctioneers will not accept liability for any accidents or injury sustained by any person or persons who may attend the premises for the auction, inspection, purchase, collection of any other business.


In the event of any disputes arising, these general conditions of Sale shall prevail. The Auctioneers reserve the right to escort persons from the premises.


The Auctioneers have the right to revise or amend these terms to reflect implementations or conditions.


The Auctioneers are committed to the privacy of our users and will only use personal information given to provide auction services.


No waiver by the Auctioneers of any of these terms shall be enabled unless the Auctioneer expressly says that it is a waiver and the Auctioneers tell the Buyer and vendor in writing. If the Auctioneers do not exercise any of its rights or remedies under these terms that will not mean that the Auctioneers have waived any of its rights and will not mean that the buyer does not have to comply with the Terms

In the event that any provision of the Condition of sale should be held unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.

These Terms are governed by English Law and the Auctioneers, the vendors and the Buyer all agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.


See Full Terms And Conditions

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