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How can a lovely property like this be so cheap?


After all these years of finding good property for our clients, you would have thought that we’d be a bit blasé by now. But a property like Sailor’s Cottage near Krasen Village just amazes us.


A bright, charming home on a corner plot with the brand-new ash felt road outside. A large mulberry tree in front, With big garage to one side and a facade that’s painted with nautical blue edging. Full south facing. What a relaxing place to spend time.


All this for a very small price. Frankly ridiculous, When you compare what’s on offer here: space, sunshine, peace and quiet, With the sky-high prices charged for poor accommodation in the UK and elsewhere. Leave the traffic jams behind and let yourself live. Freedom for pennies.


Those in the know and willing to see beyond, into the future when such places will command a much higher price, They are buying. Join them and you won’t regret It.


The property has a porch that leads to an entrance hall, which gives access to the 3 bedrooms. Off bedroom one is the dining room with nice views over the garden.


To the left are joining the property is another external door which gives access to the kitchen and shower room. This property has mains water and electricity attached and is unusual at this low price in having a working hot water shower.


Of course, you’re not buying a new property and it’s likely you’ll make improvements. But you’re not paying €40,000 and can more than afford to allocate a modest budget for some modern touches.


The property isn’t old. It was built in the 1960s or 70s and has a good roof. It’s in generally good condition


Its previous owner had been in the Royal Bulgarian Navy, That’s before communist times. You can see a picture of him in one of the photos, where the words “His Majesty” are written across his cap. And “Royal Navy” along the back.


The plot extends to 695 M² and views to the front are great as there aren’t any neighbours to obscure it. In the good size garden there are a variety of fruit trees and a lawn. On the other side of the crossroads are a Dutch family who bought The Old Village Hall and renovated it. To the right of the property is a friendly Bulgarian. It’s a really nice location, with a river only 200 m away.


The property is also quite close to the famous Lake Dryan, which is a great place to visit. In fact, the whole area is designated as an Ecological Zone and there is much wildlife and beauty to see.


This property isn’t in some depopulated remote area with bad road connections. It’s in a small village very near the popular village of Krasen, which has a larger than average village with its own school, restaurant, petrol station, council buildings, village pub, community centre, 3 museums and medical centre. There is  even a distillery in the village.


The beaches are 63 Km away and Varna International Airport is quite reachable. The area is very popular with foreign buyers, and for good reason that it’s really beautiful.


Sailor’s Cottage is much better than other properties of this price range. In fact, it’s vastly better and we see hundreds of such places. It’s a genuine estate sale and we’ve checked the paperwork which is 100% clean. This property could be yours in as little as 2 weeks. You don’t even need to visit Bulgaria to sign for it, although our manager there, Martin, will be delighted to welcome you if you do decide to visit.


In short, this is a selected offer. We built our reputation on offering huge value for money and Sailor’s Cottage certainly offers truly remarkable value for money. What can a small amount of money buy you today? A small second-hand car? That appreciates every day and costs a lot to tun.


Ownership costs for Sailor’s Cottage are very low. The Council Tax is derisory; hardly worth mentioning. And purchase costs are low too, Capped at a maximum of £500 to include all legalpPaperwork and government fees in Bulgaria. If you use an English Notary Officer to witness the signing of the sale contract, payment of that is your responsibility.


Don’t hang about with Sailor’s Cottage. It could easily pass you by. Put some of your money into a real asset like this property. Your own personal bolthole in one of Europe’s loveliest countries, That’s just over 3 hours flight from the UK.


Sailor’s Cottage offers a voyage you definitely want to take and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.


The highest bid takes the property, 100% freehold! SIMPLE PAYMENT TERMS : Full payment by bank transfer must be received in GBP by 5pm the day following the auction.

Usually only one working day is required in Bulgaria and legal fees are a fixed £500 inclusive of government purchase taxes and fully Inclusive of every requirement to completion. No further commissions and no hidden extras! Legal completion within 3 months required. Legal Fees (capped at £500) will be payable by the purchaser.

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