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Shaun in the City Auction

Shaun in the City Auction Watch live online from 6.45pm on Thursday at https://livestream.com/shauninthecity/auction Live Webcast Auction 08 Oct 2015 19:00 BST

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  • The Shaun in the City Pavillion
  • Bristol
  • BS2 8DJ
  • United Kingdom

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Shaun on the Cob

Lot 1

Textile designer Katie Wallis was inspired by the shape of Shaun's body to create this tasty design. Realising that he would make a very fine corn...

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Star Bake

Lot 2

Tom Hovey is a freelance illustrator best known for creating the illustrated graphics for The Great British Bake Off, which has seen him sketch ov...

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Mossy Bottom

Lot 3

Sylvia Bull is a storyboard artist and character designer at Aardman. Her Mossy Bottom design is inspired by the original pilot episode of Shaun t...

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The Pearly King

Lot 4

Printmaker Ruth Broadway's Shaun is a real bobby-dazzler in his splendid suit. London's Pearly Kings and Queens have been raising money for charit...

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Lot 5

Created by freelance illustrator Tim Sutcliffe, Robo-Shaun is inspired by a 1950s-style vision of the future as embodied in tin toy robots from th...

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The world of Beatrix Potter has been enchanting children and adults alike since 1902, when The

Lot 6

The world of Beatrix Potter has been enchanting children and adults alike since 1902, when The Tale of Peter Rabbit' was first published. To pay t...

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Artist Vicky Harrison's crafty creation is truly a sight to behold. Created with a freestyle crochet

Lot 7

Artist Vicky Harrison's crafty creation is truly a sight to behold. Created with a freestyle crochet technique to give Shaun a real-life woolly ju...

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Lot 8

Artist Sarah-Jane Grace's design features a wild and magical garden where butterfl ies rest among the plants, including the appropriately-named 'b...

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Jarsberry Ram

Lot 9

Simon Tozer's delicious design is certain to get taste buds tingling. Inspired by Shaun's knobbly appearance, which is similar to the texture of a...

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The Gruffalo Shaun

Lot 10

Award-winning illustrator Axel Scheffler is best known for his work on beloved children's book The Gruffalo, for which he created the scary beast'...

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Alright Me Babber'

Lot 11

Specialising in typographical prints, Bristol-based designer Susan Taylor applied her vibrant, graphic style to this design with the aim of captur...

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Lamb Chop

Lot 12

Graphic designer Duncan Craig based his design on traditional posters seen in butchers' shops, but with a humorous twist. The canvas is divided up...

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Lot 13

Wear your team colours with pride and get ready for kick off! This Shaun celebrates everything sporty, from football to basketball, Formula 1 to r...

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Lot 14

Botanical artist Ros Franklin is Chairman of the Eden Project Florilegium Society and in 2015 was awarded an RHS Gold Medal for her first solo exh...

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Rule Britannia

Lot 15

Covered in brilliantly British bunting, Rule Britannia was created by award-winning, bestselling children's author and illustrator Steve Antony, w...

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Shaun Bean

Lot 16

Aardman senior model maker Nigel Leach took inspiration from Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture (known as the 'Bean') for this stunning silver de...

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Great West Shaun

Lot 17

Illustrator Tim Sutcliffe took inspiration from the golden age of steam when creating this magnificent engine, employing the green-and-gold colour...

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Tutti Frutti

Lot 18

Artist Laura Fearn's design works with the natural shape of Shaun's body and the texture of his fl eece, fitting in different fruit and vegetables...

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Two Hoots

Lot 19

Painted in beautiful detail by illustrator and graphic designer Maria Burns, this Shaun is a real hoot. Working from some of her stylised owl illu...

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The Pirate Captain

Lot 20

Artist Mike Ogden has transformed Shaun to the scourge of the seven seas, with his magnificent plaited beard, cutlass, pistols, and grand hat (in ...

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Mural artists Fiona and Neil Osborne (together One Red Shoe) turned Shaun into a stage for some of

Lot 21

Mural artists Fiona and Neil Osborne (together One Red Shoe) turned Shaun into a stage for some of Shakespeare's most famous scenes and quotes, wi...

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Air Fleece

Lot 22

Jacqueline Anne Harper's Shaun is ready to take to the skies as a member of the world-famous Red Arrows. Sporting the RAF's iconic red, white and ...

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Liberty Bell

Lot 23

'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all sheep are created equal '' This star-spangled Shaun celebrates the icons of the USA in true red...

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The Bristol Express

Lot 24

Illustrator Tim Sutcliffe's design is inspired by the natural beauty of the British countryside, combined with the industrial wizardry of mankind'...

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Lot 25

Covered in approximately 4,000 Swarovski crystals, Bee-dazzled! is a sparkling, shimmering delight. Designer Sunny Warrington trained at leading a...

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Hello Kitty's #OneKindThing

Lot 26

Produced by Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty is one of the most iconic characters in the world, instantly recognised by her cute-as-a-button b...

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Lot 27

A trip to the supermarket inspired this fruity creation by designer and illustrator Phil West, best known for his design of the Bristol One Pound ...

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The most iconic way to travel around London is on a gleaming red bus ' and it's even more fun when

Lot 28

The most iconic way to travel around London is on a gleaming red bus ' and it's even more fun when Shaun and his friends come along for the ride! ...

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King Arthur of Lambelot & Excalibaaar

Lot 29

As the fearless and noble leader of the Knights of the Round Stable, King Arthur of Lambelot is loved and respected throughout the land. Artist Hu...

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Lot 30

A designer at Aardman, Sarah Matthews knows the universal appeal of Shaun the Sheep ' and the worldwide love for this clever character inspired Gl...

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Ewe-nion Jack

Lot 31

Laura Cramer's bold design drapes Shaun in the iconic colours of the Union Flag, painted using a 'drybrush' technique, in which the paintbrush pro...

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Sgt. Shepherd

Lot 32

Sgt. Shepherd welcomes you to his Lonely Hearts Club Lamb ' and he hopes you will enjoy the show! This Shaun, designed by the Shaun in the City Te...

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David Gandy is a British supermodel who has worked as the 'face' of Dolce & Gabbana, and now

Lot 33

David Gandy is a British supermodel who has worked as the 'face' of Dolce & Gabbana, and now writes for Vogue and GQ as well as designing his own ...

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Lot 34

Inspired by the fl ower illustrations she often draws, Bristol-based artist Emily Ketteringham covered Shaun in colourful drifts of wildflowers re...

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Thunderbirds are Go

Lot 35

Inspired by Gerry Anderson's classic television series Thunderbirds, which was recently revamped by ITV in a new computer-animated version, Thunde...

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Lot 36

Peter Lord CBE is co-founder and Creative Director of Aardman. For his design he looked to the Anglo-Saxon era for inspiration, dressing Shaun in ...

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Woolly Jumbo

Lot 37

Bristol-based artist Joseph Dunmore looked to the skies for inspiration for this playful design, in which Shaun has been transformed into a jumbo ...

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Lot 38

Wayne Hemingway is an acclaimed fashion designer known for his playful and colourful creations, and co-founder of visionary agency HemingwayDesign...

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Lot 39

Illustrator and animator Marie Simpson's design is like a lovely walk in the countryside, complete with fragrant fl owers, colourful critters, and...

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Lot 40

With his super-whipped hairdo, sprinkles, and a swirl of strawberry sauce, Fab-ewe-lous is one summery Shaun sundae. Bristol-based illustrator and...

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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

Lot 41

Astley Baker Davies are the award-winning animation company behind hit television series Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom and Peppa Pig. This charming...

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Wish Ewe Were Here

Lot 42

Wish Ewe Were Here is a perfect postcard from Bristol, featuring dozens of iconic landmarks, amusing references, and a whole lot of hot air balloo...

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Sheep Shape and Bristol Fashion

Lot 43

Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion is Aardman senior designer Gavin Strange's graphical tribute to Bristol, combining iconic references with lesser-kno...

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Shaun of the Jungle

Lot 44

Bristol-based fine artist Martyna Zoltaszek decided to transport Shaun from the city to the tropical rainforest, taking inspiration from her favou...

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Arabian Lights

Lot 45

Inspired by the gourd lamps of North Africa, Aardman model maker Nigel Leach has really put Shaun in the spotlight, filling him with bulbs that tw...

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Lot 46

Simon's Cat is a charming yet cheeky character ' just like Shaun himself. Created by English animator Simon Tofield, this mischievous moggy has ap...

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Lot 47

Illustrator and graphic designer Adrian Barclay took inspiration from Shaun's bobble-hat-like hairdo for his cosy creation, adding the required bo...

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Lot 48

Wearing the traditional dress of the geisha, including fl owery kimono and geta shoes, Kanzashi certainly doesn't get lost in translation. Artist ...

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Lot 49

For her design, artist and creative facilitator Rachel Shilston took inspiration from the word 'Babushka', meaning a decorative woman's headscarf,...

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Beach Boy

Lot 50

Shaun is resplendent in an Edwardian stripy swimming costume and straw boater in this design from artist Mike Ogden, topped off with an enormous r...

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Lot 51

Rex is inspired by artist Beth Waters' love of dragons, dinosaurs and monsters, and features a detailed green hide topped off with a bright set of...

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Green Poems for a Blue Planet

Lot 52

UK Green Poet Martin Kiszko and Shaun the Sheep creator Nick Park recently collaborated on Green Poems for a Blue Planet, an illustrated book of v...

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Golden Fleece

Lot 53

A gleaming wonder to rival the treasures of antiquity, Golden Fleece was designed by Aardman model maker Nigel Leach. The sculpture's shining fl ...

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Lot 54

Covered in wildfl owers and dragonflies, Posy is a blooming marvellous design from artist Gabrielle Ruffle. Gabrielle was inspired by the beautifu...

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Mr. Shaun

Lot 55

First created by Roger Hargreaves in 1971, the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books has charmed millions of children worldwide with the stories...

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Lot 56

Taking inspiration from Bristol's green spaces during the spring and summer months, illustrator Bett Norris covered her design in vibrant foliage,...

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A Sheep's Eye View

Lot 57

Illustrator and children's author Paula Bowles decorated her Shaun with a stylised version of sunny Bristol, featuring all of her favourite landma...

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Lot 58

Artist Jacqueline Anne Harper's design pays tribute to Bristol's wonderful waterways. She has adorned her Shaun with the bright primary colours, d...

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Lot 59

Shaun always likes to make a good impression, and here he's pretty as a picture. Painter Laura Cramer took inspiration from Monet's Water Lilies f...

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Lot 60

Nelson was designed by Benjamin Cox and Vojtech Dvorak from design agency Fraktal. They wanted to do something iconically British which r...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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