Important Information

Approval To Bid

Please note your payment card must be 3D Secure in order for you to bid with us.


Items must be paid for and collected between 8.30am and 4pm the next working day following the auction.


All Payments must be via the iBidder online payment link you will recieve on your post sale invoice or Bank transfer, no cash or card payments will be taken at out premises, payment can be transferred to 

Bank; Virgin Money, Account Number; 20684815 Sort Code; 050277 using your IB Number as reference. 

Due to the increased number of fraudulent transactions, we will no longer be taking payments over the phone and deliveries will only be sent to the billing address.  


Need Delivery? Click here to request delivery -

Please note, due to the increased amount of our deliveries, we will no longer be packing items unless requested via the above form, all requests must be submitted by 1pm.

Shepherds are happy to help with delivery should you need your goods to be sent out to you, we can arrange parcels for items less than 30Kg, providing they can be transported safely by a courier.(We can not send goods longer than 100cm in Length.) If goods weigh more than 30Kg we can organise pallets providing the goods can fit on a standard pallet or we can provide details of recommended couriers. If you would prefer to organise a courier yourself Shepherds are more than happy to provide you with the dimensions and weight of your package. Deliveries will only be sent to the billing address.  Please see charges below

Please read the RESTRICTED ITEMS LIST before asking for delivery. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that items sent comply with the RESTRICTED ITEMS LIST By requesting delivery it will be assumed that you have read and understood the conditions and restrictions of delivery. WE WILL NOT SHIP ANY GOODS CONTAINED IN THE RESTRICTED ITEMS LIST.

UK Delivery England, Scotland & Wales. (Excluding Scottish Highlands, Islands & Ireland)

Price From...

 £12 per consignment up to 12KG

Then £1 per additional KG up to 20 KG then 50p per additional KG thereafter.

Standard conditions limit liability to a maximum cover per consignment of £10 per kilo with an excess of £30- Additional Cover is available at £8.50 per consignment.

Packaging Only £2 per Box and £5 per Pallet

Pallet Delivery - Please note pallet prices may vary depending on your geographical location. Prices will be given upon request.

  • Please note that goods such as:
  • Car body panels/body kits
  • Items containing glass/ceramics/porcelain/china i.e. fragile goods
  • Perishable items (e.g. frozen items + plants)
  •  Liquids
  • Certain Electrical goods e.g. Television, monitors
  • Items that overhang a pallet
  • Items that are otherwise badly packaged/packaged in a way contrary to industry standards
  • Goods that are damaged/faulty prior to shipment

will only be shipped using our services if you are prepared to accept that these goods will be carried at your own risk and no insurance cover is provided for damage

Important information (Please see Terms & Conditions for full T’s & C’s)

Shepherd's Auctions ensure every effort is made to provide actual images of the items for sale. Should any stock images be used these are for illustration purposes only and items may differ from the image used.

Only Cash into the bank  or Card payments via the online link will be accepted.

All bidders are required to register in order to bid.

Please remember that by clicking to bid on the internet or indicating a bid in the room that these actions are a legal commitment to buy and when the hammer goes down you have purchased the goods at that price in the condition they stand in, if you are unable to establish the condition or value of the goods to your satisfaction then please DO NOT BID, any goods purchased do not carry any warranty or guarantee, goods are sold as seen and the Sale of goods act does not apply to this sale.

Refunds will not be issued.

All lots are subject to a 25% Buyer`s Premium plus 20% VAT and Lots (where applicable) are subject to 20% VAT. Commission and any taxes will be payable on successful bids.

Should you need any further information please contact us.

T: 0161 724 6040


Terms & Conditions


Shepherd's Auctions Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions must be strictly adhered to along with the Important Information which is displayed on all auction catalogues.  All buyers approved for auction shall be considered to have read, understood and accepted these conditions and will be bound by them.

WARNING!! All lots are sold “as they lie” with all faults, typographical, photographic and quantity errors, visible damage or mechanical failings regardless if this deems the item beyond repair. The absence of any reference to the condition of a lot does not imply that the lot is free from faults, imperfections and restorations. Shepherd's Auctions will not be held responsible for any damage or defect that has not been notified to the buyer.

Shepherd's Auctions will endeavour to write accurate descriptions on all lots and the following terms may be used when describing lots;

  • “Tested Working” – We have tested the item and the basic functions are working as designed, i.e. a mixer will power on and will turn an accessory as designed, however, this is not extensive to all the mixers functions and all accessories.
  • “Powers On” – We have plugged the item in and the item has power, i.e. it is not always possible due to time restraints to test iron, steamers, printers etc.
  • “Vendor Suggests” – We the auctioneer, have not tested the item but have been advised by the vendor the item is working.

Electrical faults may not always be apparent at the time of testing, therefore no guarantee or warranty is given or implied with any lot. Any description written down in the catalogue or stated at the time of sale is not guaranteed as being correct; the information is ascertained from the goods as seen and is merely for information or identification purposes only. (The catalogue may contain photographic inaccuracies or typographical errors.) The buyer must have examined the goods prior to sale and by relying on their own judgment and assure themselves as to the condition of each item. The buyer must decide whether the description is correct and bid on what they have physically viewed in person and not on what has been described or photographed. Lots are not sold as sample, the buyer shall be deemed to have inspected the lots they buy.

Neither the vendor of any lot nor Shepherd's Auctions, their servants or agents is responsible for any errors of description, imagery or for the authenticity of any lot. Nor has anybody in the employment of Shepherd's Auctions has any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty in relation to any lot. Any implied conditions or warranties are excluded. Any information given on any lot is only a matter of opinion and inevitably neither Shepherd's Auctions nor our employees, agents or vendors accept liability for the correctives of such.

Some lots sold may be used customer returns and as such buyers must check the safety of any mechanical, gas or electrical lots prior to use and if necessary take expert advice. Shepherd's Auctions cannot take responsibility for any damage or injury as a result of disregard to this advice. Neither the vendor nor Shepherd's Auctions will be liable in accordance with the Health and Safety Act 1974. The Buyer shall be responsible for any injuries and /or death resulting in the removal/use of this lot(s).

Any machinery must be removed from the machine side of the isolator by a qualified person and no wire may be left bare and must comply with the Health & Safety at work act 1974. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that only a qualified engineer is used to disconnect and remove machinery they have bought.

A number of electrical items sold may have been previously owned and as such may become blocked by a network provider, antitheft software or previous user. On occasion, we may be unable to identify this at the time and therefore encourage all buyers to take reasonable steps to conduct their own due diligence. We recommend using an online system such as CheckMEND before bidding.

Shepherd's Auctions sell as agents for the vendor and as such are not responsible for any default by the seller.

All lots can be viewed on our viewing days (see Important Information for detailed days and times.)

Any Lots Listed as “not for online resale” are not to be resold on any online medium the most common being Ebay and Amazon, by completing the purchase of any lots containing this description you further agree that should you sell any of said goods via a online sales platform that we are entitled to pass on any and all details relating to the purchase including names and addresses to the vendor for any relivant action to prevent any further online sales.

Any Person who signs up to bid on any lots on sale by Shepherds Auctions Ltd hereby agrees not to contact any clients of Shepherds Auctions Ltd  directly without prior written consent from Shepherds Auctions Ltd.

All persons attending the auction premises do so at their own risk. Under no circumstances will the vendor, Shepherd's Auctions, their servants or agents individually or collectively be responsible for any loss or damage caused to individuals or property whatsoever.

Buyers registering for any auction must do so online. Buyers registering for the auction must ensure that their card is 3D secure, AVS matches and accounts match the card holder’s details. Any buyers found not to have this in place will be declined and any bids made will be withdrawn. Shepherd's Auctions reserves the right to decline any buyer upon registration.

All lots are sold at the discretion of Shepherd's Auctions and as such reserves the right on behalf of themselves or the vendors too;

  • Set a reserve price
  • To bid on behalf of a vendor, up to the vendor's reserve price
  • To allow the vendor to bid up to the reserve price
  • To withdraw a sale at any time
  • To rearrange, consolidate or vary the order of sale
  • Be obliged to disclose the reserve price of an item

Real Auction sales are not classified as consumer sales The buyer acknowledges that this is not a consumer sale for the purposes of the sales of goods act 1979 (as amended by the Sales and Supply of Goods Act 1994 and as replaced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015) and the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 / 1999 Regulations and the buyer shall not seek to rely upon any conditions or Warranties implied thereby or by any other legislation. All items are sold as they lie with no grading or guarantees and can include Used Items, Salvage, Raw Returns, Ex-Display, Repossessed and Seized Goods.

Shepherd's Auctions will regulate the bidding and decide in what increments the bid will be raised. The purchaser will be determined only when the hammer has gone down in a Live Auction or in the case of a timed auction when the lot has closed.

Any lots that have been de-branded are to remain de-branded. No original trademarks, web images, sellers logos or other intellectual property may be copied or used without prior consent. Any customer in breach of this will risk permanent exclusion from bidding with Shepherd's Auctions.

Shepherd's Auctions provides a bidding service “as is” and without warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory. Without limiting the forgoing, we accept no liability for any failures, delays or errors caused by interruption in the availability of the online bidding service or our website or any errors or defects in their content or functionality, any software and / or hardware defects and / or any internet connection problems and Shepherd's Auctions do not represent or warrant that Shepherd's Auctions website or online bidding platform will be error free, virus free or that any defects will be corrected.


If goods are sold by tender then the bidder has to comply with all the terms and conditions as it would relate to the sale being completed as a tender. The tender must be completed and returned within the time scale stated in the catalogue and the appropriate deposit must accompany the tender form. Should there be identical highest bids Shepherd's Auctions reserves the right to contact both or all parties and offer them the opportunity to increase their bid. Should the tender allow a bid in its entirety (i.e. all goods) the auctioneers reserve the right to accept that bid over all the individual bids should they feel that doing so would maximise the result for the vendor.

Any person not completing the purchase after either bidding or tendering for the goods lotted, they will lose their deposit if given and the goods will either be re-advertised and sold or offered to the under bidder, should Shepherd's Auctions incur costs or the vendor receive less than the original amount tendered, the original bidder will be liable for any shortfalls.

Title of Sale

Sales conducted for receivers or liquidators of a company or trustee in bankruptcy the vendor shall only act as an agent on their behalf and there will be no personal liability whatsoever in respect of the contract of sale. In the event of a third party proving to have a superior right or title to custody or possession of any lot, the vendor may revoke the contract of sale and return any purchase price to the purchaser. Neither Shepherd's Auctions nor the vendor shall accept any liability to the purchaser.

The title of the lot will not pass to the buyer until the payment has cleared in full to Shepherd's Auctions.

For the avoidance of doubt, the parties to the contract of sale of goods are the buyer and seller. Shepherd's Auctions is not a party to the contract of sale but acts as the Vendors agent only and is not liable for any breach thereof by either the buyer or the seller.


All payments must be settled in full, either by Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card. Any card charges will be passed on to the customer at the time of payment. All successful bids will be liable to a buyer’s premium plus VAT and the Internet surcharge and VAT on the hammer where applicable. (The Buyer’s Premium will be stated in the catalogue). It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that payment for won lots is made no later than time & day stated in the Important Information. Should the payment fail to be made Shepherd's Auctions reserve the right to cancel the sale.


Once the lot has been sold the purchaser is in a legal binding contract to purchase the said lot for the amount bid plus the Auctioneers charges and VAT where applicable. Please note that your acceptance of these terms gives Shepherd's Auctions your permission to complete all invoices on the card that you have provided or from your deposit if applicable unless alternative payment arrangements have been made with the Auctioneer. Please note that the item becomes the buyer’s responsibility from the fall of the hammer or the closure of a lot.

All won lots must be collected on the dedicated collection day in the correct manner. No person who does not hold the correct licence can remove vehicles after purchase and should they do so Shepherd's Auctions will not be held responsible.

The buyer must organise any necessary labour and equipment required to remove lots from the premises and must comply with any direction given by the staff. No purchaser can remove goods without a member of staff being present. Any disputes regarding what was purchased will be determined by the auctioneer, their decision is final and cannot be challenged or disputed.

Any late/ non-collections will have a fee of £10 per day applied to either the invoice or card provided the bidder/buyer will be liable to forfeiture of any and all money paid, storage and attendance fees.

Failure to complete any invoice regardless of the amount will result in the account being blocked. The Shepherd's Auctions reserves the right to disclose this information to other auctioneers. Collection days and times are given for each Auction. Any lots not collected within the time frame set out in the Important Information will be resold without hesitation and the original buyer will be liable to pay any shortfall.


As a reseller of the courier service we will gladly offer advice, liaise with the courier company, and continue to be your first point of call if you run into any issues, but it is your responsibility to make sure the items you send are not on a prohibited listing. If you request shipment of an item then we will assume that you have read the Terms & Conditions and have checked the RESTRICTED ITEMS LIST and understand that should a prohibited item be shipped and it is stopped at a sorting depot or at the point of attempted entry, The courier company is entitled to return the item to Shepherd's Auctions, destroy it, or dispose of it and also charge back any reasonable associated costs incurred to do so; we will pass this cost on to you as the purchaser of the service. If anyone of the following items in this list is collected by a driver you are then liable to be surcharged and your parcel returned. No refund of postage will be made and compensation claims will be void.

All delivery services offered by Shepherds Auctions are in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the courier service used. The couriers T&Cs can be found on the web addresses below.



Standard conditions on parcel delivery limit liability to a maximum cover per consignment of £10 per kilo with an excess of £30- Additional Cover is available at £7.00 per consignment.

Pallet deliveries will be dropped at the kerbside only.


Personal Information will only be used to provide auction services or to inform buyers and vendors of any forthcoming auctions, sale and new products. Parties not wanting to receive this information should inform the auctioneer. It is the buyers/vendors responsibility to ensure that all the information held by Shepherd's Auctions is current and up to date.

Shepherd's Auctions reserves the right to change and update these conditions at any time.


Under no circumstances may a Vendor or one of his servants bid for his own lot unless prior agreement is reached and then only up to a pre agreed reserve. Only Shepherd's Auctions may do this without prior agreement and only up to the reserve value.

Goods are left at the Vendors own risk. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that they make the appropriate insurance arrangements. The goods remain the responsibility of the owner until the fall of the hammer or closure of a lot at which point the title is handed to the buyer.

By submitting goods into an auction the vendor warrants to Shepherd's Auctions and the buyer the following;

  • They are the true owner of the goods or is authorised to sell the goods by the true owner.
  • They are able to transfer a good and marketable title to the goods free from a third-party claim.
  • Any representation submitted by the Vendor in any form is wholly accurate and informed. This information will be relied upon for Shepherd's Auctions and the Buyer.

The Vendor will indemnify Shepherd's Auctions, their servants and agents and the buyer against any damage or loss suffered by them in consequence of any breach of the warranties set out in the above on the part of the vendor.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing Shepherd's Auctions will remit the proceeds of any auction within one month of the sale to the vendor less the relevant deductions.


Shepherd's Auctions reserves the right to change and update these conditions at any time.



Please note that by clicking our Terms & Conditions button you are confirming that you are 18 years or over. If this is not the case then please do not bid in any of our Auctions that stipulate this is an Adult Auction which has Adult items for sale.