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Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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  • Ended 25 Nov 2020 19:44 GMT

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C W Harrison & Son , Power Graphics Display, Units 1-4 Sirdar Business Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 9HX, United Kingdom

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Viewing: By appointment on Tuesday 24th November at Power Graphics Display, Unit 1-4 Sirdar Business Park, Wakefield WF2 9HX. Viewing slots can b...

This auction runs in conjunction with the Tallon Associates printing equipment auction ending on the same day. To view the printing equipment au...

2 x bays of brown/orange pallet racking comprising 4 uprights and 12 beams - 300cm high x 288cm wide x 110cm deep

10 bays of 4 door grey metal lockers and a metal storage cabinet - keys for some doors

2 x Chubb small document safes - 43cm x 20cm x 35cm - one open, 1 locked - combinations unknown

Approximately 40 jars and contents of Flints, theatrical gold square glitter flakes etc

A black 2 door wooden stationary cabinet c/w keys and contents - 120cm x 180cm - inc. 12 packs of Xerox A4 paper etc

A black 2 door wooden stationary cabinet c/w keys and contents - 120cm x 180cm - inc. envelopes etc

A black 2 door wooden stationary cabinet c/w keys and contents - 120cm x 180cm - inc. office sundries etc

2 x grey metal tambour fronted stationary cabinets and contents - 200cm x 120cm - inc. tape, sample books etc

A black wooden tambour fronted stationary cabinet and contents - 150cm x 110cm - inc. decorative beeding, ribbon, bows etc

Contents to corner - 3 x grey metal tambour fronted cabinets and contents - 200cm x120cm - inc. Hi viz jackets, first aid kits, laptop bags etc

An artificial, black glitter Christmas tree, box of large silver bows and a 2 door TV cabinet

An Epson AL-M200 printer, 2 x label printers, paper shredder, sundry electrical leads etc

Contents to a box and 2 wooden crates - Industrial staplers, hole punches, scissors, desk tidies etc

3 x Astro by Acme LED-256 revolving light units, Bull in a china shop display in wooden cabinet, large gold bauble, camera tripod, extension socke...

Quantity of black wire mesh 3 tier stationary trays, waste bins etc

A large photographic rectangular illuminated light box of a silver birch winter forest snowscape print - 295cm x 123cm (Not tested)

A large photographic rectangular illuminated light box with Aqua Flow Services logo - 245cm x 290cm (Not tested)

An illumnated shop display with Mediterranean street scene backdrop, 'New In', '#AW20 and an additional light box without frontage canvas (as is)

A fibreglass male mannequin with articulated wooden arms, female full body mannequin and a large rectangular mirrored frame with lights

Contents to box - large quantity of assorted safety harnesses, hi viz vests, coat stand etc

A 330cm long boxed/sealed roll of film/sheeting from All Print Supplies Ltd

Contents to shelves - 9 x Palight foam PVC sheets (120cm x 245cm), rolls of backing plastic, cardboard inserts etc

12 x assorted rolls and part rolls of sundry material

A 2 roll, corrugated cardboard dispenser with 2 x 150cm rolls of cardboard etc

A part pallet of flat pack cardboard boxes - box dimensions 100cm x 63cm x53cm

A Ybico manual strapping machine with 2 rolls of strapping, sundry tools etc

2 x bays of 155cm wide light weight racking and contents - Oasis floral display cylinders, sundry metal signs, tripod etc

3 x wave front black laminate desks with grey metal frames (160cm x 80cm), 5 x matching 2/3 drawer pedestals and a 2 door stationary cabinet

A 2 door yellow hazardous substances cabinet - 90cm x 120cm

A 2 door yellow hazardous substances cabinet and contents - 180cm x 120cm

Contents to 3 boxes - assorted bubble wrapped mannequins and stands

Contents to pallet - large quantity of 12v LED panels, electrical fittings, ceiling tiles etc

Contents to wall side - sundry sheets of LED display units etc

Contents to pallet - large quantity of Vision On LED panels , electrical fittings etc

Large metal tambour fronted storage unit and contents - nuts blots, screws etc

6 x assorted electric hand tools, assorted batteries, chargers etc (as seen)

Contents to office - 2 x wave fronted black laminate desks, a pedestal, 2 door stationary cupboard etc, printer, keyboards etc

Contents to 2 pallets and a trestle table - paper, timber, ducting etc

Contents to pallet - various photographic props inc. handbags, shoes, picture frames, pineapples etc

Contents to pallet - security cameras, junction boxes, control panels etc

A mobile, electrical dispensing trolley and contents - cable, Tenma DC power supply, Gold A55KJ digital soldering station etc

A wave front, black laminate desk, 2 pedestals, a brother printer, LG monitor and sundry contents to drawers etc

A 4 wheel, 2 sided trolley and contents - sundry Alupanel offcuts etc

Contents to wall side and 2 pallets - Alupanel, perspex offcuts etc

Contents to pallet - 3 sheets of Arkema Altuglass - 200cm x 300cm

Contents to pallet - quantity of aluminium frame parts etc

9 x large packs of aluminium extrusion - approx. 570cm long etc

Contents to pallet - flat pack cardboard boxes - box size 55cm x 42cm x 14cm

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