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Timed General Auction including Clothing, Auto, Tools, Outdoor & Building & Plumbing

City Auctioneering Timed Online Auction Ended 14 Aug 2019 21:43 BST

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  • Ended 14 Aug 2019 21:43 BST
  • Bristol, Avon

Venue Address

  • Bristol Sales Centre
  • Easter Compton
  • Bristol
  • Avon
  • BS35 5RE
  • United Kingdom

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Currency: GBP
Commissions ex. VAT/sales tax: 21.00% (includes buyer's premium and online commission)
VAT/sales tax on hammer: 20.00%

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There are 990 item(s) within this sale
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Results for live webcast and timed auctions may not have been verified by the auctioneer. If you are in any doubt of the accuracy of the prices provided, please call the auction house to confirm.

6 x Park Tools including TS-4 stand base, TK-4T caddie mount, PH-1.2 handled wrenches, bottom bracket sockets etc. - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

4 x Park Tool items including DS-1 and DS-2 digital scales, pressed sign and parts bowl - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

7 x Park Tool items including DC-1 calipers, MWR spanners, GG-1 grease gun handled star shaped driver set - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

A Park Tools CM-25 professional bike chain scrubber - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

A Park Tools socket and bit set, SBS-3 - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

2 x Park Tools crown race setting systems, models CRS-1 and CRS-15.2 - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

A Park Tools FFG-2 frame and fork alignment tool - Sealed new in box (Cage1)

A Bosch POF120EA router - New in box, box tatty, tested working (Cage1)

4 x plastering tools including Ox Speed scrims, Ali corner roller plaster dispensing box, extension handles, brick bolster etc (Cage1)

2 x Gate Mate adjustable bands and hooks gate hangers and 1 x similar handle, (Cage1)

2 x Perry 900mm adjustable band and hook on plate gate hinges, 2 x pairs of galvanised short strap gate hinges 2 x galvanised long throw pull hand...

A quantity of tools including Faithfull zip top holdalls, ladder hooks, gas weed killer etc. - Mixed condition (Cage1)

A quantity of tools including Mirks backing sander pads, hex key socket set, Bosch S1122BF blades, Milwaukee fabric tool bag etc. - New (Cage1)

25 x Bosch SDS Plus 5X drill bits, 5.5mm (D) X 110mm (L), together with1 x TS Drill HSS Jobber 21.0 x 145 x243mm metal drill bit and 2 x TG Taps ...

Assorted tools comprising Mylek drill bits, Nutool handy 3.6V power, 1 x Wolf cordless 18V drill (Cage2)

3 x Bosch Isio cordless shrub and grass shear set - New (TC2)

12 x Park Tools specialist bicycle spanners together with a work apron and snips - New in box (Cage2)

9 x Park Tools including spoke tension meter, Dt-3i.2 dial indicator, SW-20.2 spoke wrenches etc. - New in box (Cage2)

A quantity of ESP fire alarm products including toilet alarm, pull chord modules, Response SA1E alarm etc. - New (Cage2)

48 x 500ml cans of aerosol solutions medium duty silicone spray - New (Cage2)

A Sealey 13mm reversible air drill, 700RPM, model SA27 - Sealed new in box (Cage2)

1 roll of Freshcat 37 band saw blade 3/4" x 022 x VP hook, GTBNSBL HTC: 753' - New (Cage2)

A Shower Mix thermostatic mixer and valve riser system with square shower head, together with square style fitting and a square style kitchen mix...

15 x Q Crimp 5/8" threaded earth rods, Ref: OEP5812T (Cage2)

30 x stainless steel pre-drilled door kick plates, size 15 x 92cm and 20 x 92cm - Sealed new in pack (Cage2)

A quantity of unused sheet metal, various sizes up to 52 x 120cm, together with 10 x large brass rings, 61cm diameter and a roll of 12mm wide x 1m...

A Scudo black square handled triple concealed valve, Ref: BLACK002 - New in box (Cage2)

A quantity of push bar lock components, 2 x large heavy duty raced hinges, patio door lock etc. - Mixed condition (Cage2)

4 x Park Tools torque hex drivers including ADT1.2 PRD-4, PTD-5 etc. - New in box (Cage3)

12 x Park Tools items including large allen keys HT-10 and HT-8, 3-way hex wrenches and socket wrenches - New in box (Cage3)

7 x Park Tools items including master chain link tool, SR-12 chain whip, EH-1 dummy hub, MLP-12 pliers, chain checker etc. - New (Cage3)

6 x Park Tools including TS-TA thru axel adaptor, TNS-4 nut setter, head cup removers, handlebar holder etc. - New (Cage3)

8 x Park Tools including DT-3 rotor truing gauge, BT-2 tensioner, PT5-1 seater etc. - New (Cage3)

8 x Park Tools consumables including MG-2 gloves SAC-2 ASC-1 PPL-2 lubricants etc. - New (Cage3)

7 x Park Tools including BB-T90 and BBT-30.4 bottom bracket set, pedal wrench, CCP-22 and CCP44 crank pullers etc. - New (Cage3)

11 x Park Tools including HMR-8 and HMR-4 hammers SD-Set screwdrivers, Paw-6 and Paw-12 spanners etc. - New (Cage3)

5 x P:ark Tools including SG-7.2 saw guide, SG-8 and SG-6 saw guides, hacksaw and SCB-1 carbon cutting blade etc. (Cage3)

12 x Park Tools including BCB-4.2 brushes, SP-7 pliers, NP-6 pliers, SZR-1 scissors, BO-4 bottle opener etc. - New (Cage3)

4 x Park Tools comprisng FFS-2, FRW-1, FAG-2 and WAG-4 wheel gauge, wheel remover. - New (Cage3)

A Makita GA4530R 115mm, 240V angle grinder, RRP £46.00 - New in box (Cage3)

A Makita GA4530R 115mm, 240V angle grinder, RRP £46.00 - New in box (Cage3)

A Makita GA4530R 115mm, 240V angle grinder, RRP £46.00 - New in box (Cage3)

A Makita GA4530R m 115mm, 240V angle grinder, RRP £46.00 - New in box (Cage3)

10 x 2 packs Aeroshell 33 400g advanced aircraft grease, BMS 3-33B - Sealed new in box (Cage3)

A box of tools including spanners - Second-hand (Cage3)