Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017


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Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 1 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 2 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 3 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 4 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 5 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 6 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 7 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 1 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 2 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 3 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 4 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 5 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 6 of 7
Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal, - DOB: 11th May 2017 - Image 7 of 7
1,400 GBP
Animal Name: Bergli Alexis (BE0319) Animal Description: Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal DOB: 11th May 2017 Prefix Name: Bergli Seller / Address: Bergli Stud , Finnigarth, Mid Walls, Shetland Sire: Alex V D Voshoek (071136533) Dam: Blackstonefolly Jessie (AQ2047/M07-454) Mgs: Romany Danny (AH1509/S02-039) Mgd: Clapham Starlight Express (AJ1333/M02-142) Mggs: Helawis Blazing Star (004437S) Sellers Comments: A palomino miniature filly foal. To make a maximum of 33 inches. She is a very good mover who is tame and friendly. She is rare as she is mushroom gene carrier (mushroom sire) and is show quality. She has a beautiful head and should have good hair In Catalogue Order


Aberdeen Northern Marts
Animal Name: Bergli Alexis (BE0319) Animal Description: Palomino - Miniature - Filly Foal DOB: 11th May 2017 Prefix Name: Bergli Seller / Address: Bergli Stud , Finnigarth, Mid Walls, Shetland Sire: Alex V D Voshoek (071136533) Dam: Blackstonefolly Jessie (AQ2047/M07-454) Mgs: Romany Danny (AH1509/S02-039) Mgd: Clapham Starlight Express (AJ1333/M02-142) Mggs: Helawis Blazing Star (004437S) Sellers Comments: A palomino miniature filly foal. To make a maximum of 33 inches. She is a very good mover who is tame and friendly. She is rare as she is mushroom gene carrier (mushroom sire) and is show quality. She has a beautiful head and should have good hair In Catalogue Order


Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
Shetland Rural Centre
United Kingdom

We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon. For now, please visit the Important Information / Terms & Conditions tab [next tab to the right] for auction specific removal dates, preferred vendors and more.

For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below:

For Aberdeen Northern Marts delivery information please telephone 01467 623753.

Important Information

Pony Breeders of Shetland Association &

Shetland Livestock Marketing Group

In Association with

Aberdeen & Northern Marts 


To be held at

Shetland Rural Centre,

Staneyhill, Lerwick, 


SHOW: Friday 6th October 2017 at 09:00am

SALE: Friday 6th October 2017 at 11:00am



Online Buyers Premium
An Online Buyers Premium of 5% + vat @ 20% will be added to Bid Price for lots bought through i-bidder


Please Note: These Horses will be sold in Guineas


PLEASE NOTE:  Buyers wishing to Bid using an ipad will have to download a Flash player for i-bidder to work properly,
see link below:



Not just for the Welfare of the Pony/s but for the smooth running of the sale. PLEASE make sure you have thought about and organised your pony/s journey from Shetland to Aberdeen.  The Authorities in Aberdeen will not keep your pony/s overnight, so it is essential that you have the journey home fully organised. We will help you with and charge for the journey from Shetland to Aberdeen Pier or if preferred to Thainstone, but for the onward journey home PLEASE Organise before bidding.


Buyers must pay for their SHIPPING SPACE at the Auction Mart office at the time of purchase of pony/s

Shipping / Floating 2017 rates:

Floating from the Lerwick Mart to Lerwick Pier £3.50 per pony  plus Vat @ 20%

Freight from Lerwick Pier  to Aberdeen Pier £11.00 per pony plus Vat @ 20%

Purchasers wishing to have their Pony/s taken out to Thainstone have an additional Floating Charge of £11.00 per pony plus Vat @ 20%

The above charges to be paid at the Shetland Auction Office prior to Shipping.


Please remember that it will be the responsibility of the Online Buyer to arrange their own transport from the Pier in Aberdeen for their Pony/s onward journey. This Transport needs to be ready to pick up the Pony/s from the Aberdeen Pier first thing on the morning of arrival from Shetland ( Weather Permitting - Saturday 7th October )

Unless of course  you want your ponies taken out to Thainstone to meet up with ponies being bought at the Thainstone Sale., if so please see above extra charge for this service.



A Deposit of £100.00 is required when you Register as a Purchaser and this will be Automatically Refunded after the sale if you are not successful. ( Please Note: If deposit paid from a Credit Card the 2% Card fee will not be Refunded. The Refunding Process may take up to 5 Working Days ) A Proforma Invoice will be emailed to you after the sale showing your successful lots purchased. A request for payment will follow detailing your purchases and any auctioneers fees that apply to those categories purchased..  If you prefer to settle your purchases over the phone then please contact the Auctioneers on 01595 696300 and confirm Your Card details by Friday 3:30pm day of sale.


Where ponies are sold from consignors who are VAT registered, VAT @ 20% will be added to the Auctioneer’s knock down price.


VAT - Notice to all EU buyers 
Please note that HMRC are enforcing standard VAT on all purchases made in the UK 
until adequate proof of goods being exported is provided. 

Adequate proof is detailed as: 

1.  Written order from your customer which shows their name, address and EC VAT
number and the address where the goods are to be delivered. 

2.  Copy sales invoice showing customer’s name, EC VAT number, a description of 
the goods and an invoice number. 

3.  Date of departure of goods from your premises and from the UK. 

4.  Name and address of the haulier collecting the goods. 

5.  Registration number of the vehicle collecting the goods and the name and 
signature of the driver and, where the goods are to be taken out of the UK by a 
different haulier or vehicle, the name and address of that haulier, that vehicle 
registration number and a signature for the goods. 

6.  Route, for example, Channel Tunnel, port of exit. 

7.  Copy of travel tickets. 
8.  Name of ferry or shipping company and date of sailing or airway number and 

9.  Trailer number (if applicable). 

10.  Full container number (if applicable). 

11.  Name and address for consolidation, groupage, or processing (if applicable). 

Until the above criteria are met Standard rate VAT must be applied to all purchases. 
On submission of the above, VAT will be refunded to the purchaser.



No pony will be sold unless it has been entered into the sale adhering to the

conditions of entry/guidelines.

Buyers are reminded that any ponies they purchase are at their risk at the fall of the hammer. No undertaking of the Auctioneers or their servants to take

charge of any lots after the sale or to forward them to their destination shall be

held to impose upon the Auctioneers any legal obligation.

Whilst every effort is made by PBSA & SLMG to ensure that the information

given regarding pedigree, ownership, detail of colour and date of birth is

correct, the responsibility remains with the prospective purchaser to verify

these details. Liability for errors and omissions will not be accepted by the

Pony Breeders of Shetland Association or Shetland Livestock Marketing


Shetland Auction Office: Phone 01595 696300

Alan Donald: 01467 623753 or Mobile: 07766 493320

or email: alan.donald@anmgroup.co.uk


Please Note: Sale to be conducted in Guineas



1. Once entered it is understood that ponies will be forward for the sale. Any vendor withdrawing
stock from the sale without a valid reason or vet’s certificate will be fined £100 per pony. If the
fine is not paid then the vendor will be unable to enter ponies into subsequent sales.

2. Ponies must not be removed from pens without the owner or his/ her representative being

3. At all Sales, if the owner is not present in person, a representative must be nominated in
advance who will be responsible for the ponies.

4. All stock must be registered with the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society.

5. The minimum age of foals to be sold is eighteen weeks on the day of the Sale even if being
sold at foot. The foal’s exact date of birth must be stated on the entry form.

6. It must be emphasised that foals, unless being sold at foot, must be living independently,
weaned and able to eat hard food.

7. No ponies will be accepted for sale if they have undergone any form of surgical
procedure e.g. castration, within 4 weeks of the sale date.

8. Owners who have had ponies suffering from an infectious disease within six weeks of
the Sale must not present any ponies for sale. Any ponies showing symptoms of an
infectious disease such as coughing, swollen glands, high temperature or a mucopurulent
nasal discharge (snotty nose) will be excluded from the Sale.

9. Any ponies over the age of eighteen years must have a Vet’s certificate, dated the day before
the Sale, stating that the pony is fit to travel. The pony must only be vetted the day immediately
prior to the Sale. If no such certificate is received by the Auctioneer, the pony must not be
permitted to go forward for sale. No ponies over 20 years of age will be accepted for sale.

10. Progeny will not be accepted from mares unless the mare is at least 47 months old on the date
of foaling.

11. If a mare is in foal, it is assumed it is to a stallion registered with SPS- BS. If in foal to a
stallion not registered with SPS-BS, the progeny will not be eligible for registration with
the Society. The covering stallion’s name and registration number and date(s) of covering
must be clearly stated on the form.

12. In the interests of welfare, lactating mares will not be accepted for sale, nor will mares due to
foal within eight weeks or less of the date of the sale. Fillies younger than 3 years old that
have been running with a stallion will not be accepted for sale.

13. Entry forms MUST be completed in full or they will not be accepted

14. If ponies are catalogued, as for sale due to stud dispersal, it is assumed that the ponies will be
sold and not taken home unsold.

15. In the interests of welfare, working ponies of four years old or over only may be clipped.

16. Passports and microchips of all ponies will be checked by officials. Should a microchip be
untraceable or passport incorrect, the pony will not be permitted to go through the ring.

17. A pony must not be permitted to be presented for sale unless a checked passport has
been received by the Auctioneer’s Office prior to the Sale. The Passport must then be
passed to the new owner for the onward journey.

18. The purchaser of each Pony is responsible for arranging the transfer and payment of the Pony
into the new owners name with the SPS-BS.

19. In the case of a pony being exported, the purchaser of the pony is responsible for arranging an
International Pony Movement Certificate and a fee of £50 is payable to the SPS-BS.
International Transfer forms will be available from the SLMG Office on the day of the sale.

Registered Shetland Pony Show
Shetland Agricultural Centre, Friday 6th October 2017

Entries to be made at the Marts on Friday 6th before 7:30am

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


A £100 deposit will be required from all Online Bidders when registering. 

The Deposit will be automatically refunded after the sale if you have been Unsuccessful in the bidding. ( may take a few days to process back to your account )
For Purchasers who have been successful then the £100 deposit will be used as part payment against the purchases.

Successful Online Purchasers:
We will be in touch with you shortly after the sale to take payment for your purchases.

If you prefer to pay with a different Card than the one used for Registration that will be acceptale and we will get details from you after the sale



Aberdeen & Northern Marts

General Conditions of Sale for Livestock


These Conditions shall apply to all auction sales of livestock conducted by Aberdeen & Northern Marts (a trading division of ANM Group Limited), Thainstone Centre, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire and every seller, bidder and purchaser by taking part in the sale acknowledges to have received prior written notification of these Conditions and to be bound by them.

1. In these Conditions the term "auctioneers" means Aberdeen & Northern Marts; the term "sale premises" means the land/or buildings used by the auctioneers to conduct the sale.

2. These General Conditions shall apply to dispersal sales but not to displenishment sales.

3. The auctioneers act in all respects only as agents for the seller and no condition or warranty is given by the auctioneers or their employees, and none shall be implied, as to title, description or the quality of any lot sold. Neither the auctioneers nor their employees shall be liable to the purchaser in any respect for any defect of title, error of description or imperfection or for any announcement or statement concerning any lot offered for sale whether made orally or in writing and whether given before, during or after the auction, nor shall they incur any liability in relation to any dispute between any seller and purchaser.

4. The auctioneers shall not be liable in any way for any accident which happens to any person, or for any loss of, or damage or injury to, any goods while on the sale premises or in the auctioneers` custody or under their control unless same arises out of the auctioneers` or their employees` negligence.

5. Time shall be of the essence of all Conditions which contain time limits. Where the time limit for any person to do anything expires on a Sunday, bank or other public holiday, or on the day next following any such day, then such Sunday or bank or other public holiday shall be excluded from the computation of the time. In the computation of any period of time before or after the sale or any other event, the day of the sale or other event, as the case may be, shall be excluded. Any period of time expressed as a number of days shall be taken to refer to that number of clear days, and similarly for any other period of time.

6. If stock entered for sale is specifically advertised by the auctioneers and the person entering that stock fails to bring it for sale on the relevant day, the auctioneers may charge him a fair and reasonable proportion of the expenses incurred.

7. All lots are accepted for sale by the auctioneers on condition that the seller warrants his right to sell the same. The seller shall indemnify the auctioneers and the purchaser against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, charges and expenses which the auctioneers may sustain or incur by reason of any defect in the seller`s title.

8. Except as expressly provided in these Conditions or as stated in the sale catalogue or at the time of sale there shall be no condition or warranty, otherwise than as to title, in regard to any lots sold and the purchaser shall take delivery of each lot with all its faults, imperfections and errors of description. In the case of dispersal sales, however, any description or representation stated in the sale catalogue or at the time of sale is indicative only and is not to be construed as any warranty whatsoever. Where, however, a dispersal sale is advertised and described as a "Warranted Dispersal Sale" the warranties specified and contained in the Special Sale Conditions which apply to that category of Lot shall apply.

9. If a person who has brought on to the sale premises a lot for sale sells that lot privately on the day of the sale and on the sale premises, either before it is offered for sale at auction or, if it fails to sell at auction, afterwards, these Conditions shall so far as applicable govern that private sale. In the case of a private sale either the seller or the purchaser shall book the transaction with the auctioneers and the purchase money shall be payable to the auctioneers in full and the auctioneers may charge the commission which would have been payable if the lot had been sold at auction for the price obtained on the private sale, and if they exercise that right the auctioneers may deduct the commission from the purchase money before accounting to the seller. If the seller fails to comply with these provisions he shall be liable to pay the auctioneers` commission.

10. All entries for inclusion in a sale catalogue will be as directed by and at the discretion of the auctioneers. The order of sale will be determined by the auctioneers.

11. Each lot shall be entered for sale in its owner`s name and if required by the auctioneers the owner`s name as given to the auctioneers shall be declared by them, when the lot is put up for sale. Whether or not a purchaser requires disclosure of the owner`s name the auctioneers shall for all purposes be deemed to sell as agents for a disclosed principal.

12. Where animals are offered for sale by a person in his own name but he is in fact acting as an agent he shall, if so required by the auctioneers, be bound to disclose the name and address of his principal and in such a case both the principal and the agent shall be jointly and severally liable under the contract and any steps authorised by these Conditions or by the general law may be taken against either or both of them.

13. Any lot not forward when it falls to be sold will be passed over and exposed thereafter at the discretion of the auctioneers, usually at the conclusion of the sale.

14. Any person intending to bid for any animal as an agent shall so inform the auctioneers before the sale of such animal begins and shall, if required by the auctioneers, disclose the name and address of his principal. Where a person whose bid is accepted is in fact acting as an agent, whether or not he has disclosed that fact, he and his principal shall be deemed to be and shall remain jointly and severally liable on the contract and any steps or proceedings authorised by these Conditions or the general law may be taken or commenced against either or both of them and no steps taken or proceedings commenced against the principal or the agent shall be deemed to operate as an election discharging the other from liability unless such steps or proceedings result in a final satisfied judgement. If before the commencement of the sale the person acting as an agent informs the auctioneers that he intends to act as a principal he will be deemed to be solely liable on the contract.

15. The auctioneers may in their absolute discretion refuse to offer for sale and/or exclude from the sale premises any animal brought to the sale premises by any person and, without prejudice to the foregoing generality, may exercise those rights in relation to any animal which shows any signs of disease, deformity or of being dangerous, or which is overfull or excessively dirty or in respect of any bull aged 8 months or more which is not effectively ringed and haltered unless it is a young bull reared to be sold for bull beef which satisfies applicable safety precautions. Any decision of the auctioneers as aforesaid shall be final and binding on all parties and the auctioneers shall not be liable in any way to any person for any act reasonably done by them in exercise of these rights or for any consequences resulting from such acts. If any person brings to the sale premises any animal which he could reasonably have known to be dangerous, or any animal the exposure of which at any market, fairground or sale yard is for the time being forbidden by law, he shall be liable for all injury, damages, costs, losses or expenses which the auctioneers or any other person may sustain or incur either directly or indirectly as a result of such act.

16. It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure compliance with all current statutory legislation relating to the movement and traceability of animals. Sellers of cattle are responsible for the correctness of Passports and CCD`s and must hand all completed and signed Passports to the sale office at least one hour before the time of the sale. It is the responsibility of purchasers to check all documentation. Where the purchaser finds any incorrect documentation the purchaser must notify the auctioneers by no later than 5pm on the fourth day after the date of the sale and in that event the purchaser shall be entitled to reject the animal/animals in question and return it/them to the seller and recover the price.

17. The auctioneers reserve to themselves full power to exclude or remove any person from the sale premises.

18. The auctioneers reserve on behalf of themselves and the seller the following rights:

(a) to fix a reserve price;

(b) to bid on behalf of the seller;

(c) to rearrange, consolidate or withdraw any lots or to vary the order of the sale; and

(d) without giving any reason, to refuse to accept bids of any person.

A seller who wishes to fix a reserve price on any lot owned by him shall so notify the auctioneers in writing before the sale of that lot begins, failing which the auctioneers may sell the lot to the highest bidder. The auctioneers may refuse to accept bids from a seller for a lot owned by him and a seller shall not bid for a lot owned by him by any agent other than the auctioneers. No person may advance on the previous bid less than the sum named from time to time by the auctioneers. No bid may be retracted. If a dispute arises as to any bidding, then, at the sole discretion of the auctioneers, either:

(a) the relevant lot shall immediately be put up again; or

(b) the auctioneers shall determine the dispute, and their decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

19. A sale by auction is complete when the auctioneers announce its completion by the fall of the hammer or in other customary manner.

20. The purchaser shall give his name and address to the auctioneers when required.

21. The purchaser shall pay the purchase money for each lot to the auctioneers as soon after the fall of the hammer as the auctioneers may require. Any time allowed for payment in respect of any purchase shall not be construed as a waiver of the right to require earlier payment on any subsequent purchase . The purchaser shall not make any set-off or any other plea for non-payment of the purchase money and shall be liable to the auctioneers for any unpaid purchase money whether or not the lot bought has been delivered.

22. The purchaser shall remove his lots at his own expense within such reasonable time after the end of the day`s sale as the auctioneers may direct but only after the auctioneers have issued a written pass.

23. Even though risk in any goods in any lot may have passed to the purchaser, title to the goods in any lot will remain with the seller until the purchaser has paid the purchase money for that lot in full and, in the case of uncleared funds, the sum has cleared in the auctioneers` bank account. Until title has passed to the purchaser under this condition the seller may recover possession of the goods from the purchaser and the seller or the auctioneers may enter upon the purchaser`s premises (or such other premises where the goods are held) in order to do so.

24. If the auctioneers account to the seller for the purchase money for a lot (less applicable charges) before the purchaser has made payment in full to the auctioneers then the auctioneers shall be entitled to any rights in the goods in that lot which the seller may have under the preceding condition. Under any of these Conditions, the auctioneers may either (1) hold the goods as their own absolute and exclusive property and dispose of and deal with the same as and when they think fit; or (2) immediately resell such goods by public sale or private bargain and hold the purchaser responsible for any loss on such resale, including all expenses incurred thereby.

25. Notwithstanding the foregoing Condition, however, the auctioneers shall in the event of a purchaser failing to take delivery and pay the price of any goods sold be entitled, in their discretion, to return such goods to the seller who shall in that event be entitled to proceed against the purchaser for implement of the contract of sale or for recovery of all loss, damage and expenses incurred by the seller in consequence for the purchaser`s failure to implement the contract of sale. The auctioneers shall also be entitled, but not bound, to retain in their own hands for such time as they in their sole discretion shall deem necessary, the price of any goods sold, and that without being in any way personally liable to either the seller or purchaser of such goods. No interest shall be payable by the auctioneers on the price of any goods so retained.

26. The auctioneers shall have power in all cases when goods are left in or returned to their custody or re-taken possession of under Conditions 23 hereof or otherwise retained by them, to sell the same by auction after three days` notice to the seller and the purchaser who shall be liable, jointly and severally to the auctioneers in all loss incurred on such resale including the keep of such goods pending such resale, the whole expenses connected with the resale, and all interest accrued under these Conditions.

27. If, before an animal is removed from the sale premises, the purchaser of that animal sells it to some other party and notifies the auctioneers of the name and address of that party then that party shall be treated as the purchaser of that animal and shall be entitled to all the rights, and subject to all the obligations, of the original purchaser under these Conditions but this will not affect the right of the seller or of the auctioneers as agents for the seller to hold the original purchaser liable if that party fails to fulfill any of those obligations.

28. All goods are at the risk of the seller before sale and the risk of the purchaser after sale. The auctioneers shall have no liability or obligation for the safe custody of any lot after the sale. No undertaking of the auctioneers or their employees to take charge of any goods before or after sale or to forward them to their destination or elsewhere shall be held to impose upon the auctioneers or their employees any legal obligations or to vitiate the foregoing.

29. If a purchaser fails to perform any of the obligations incumbent on the purchaser in terms of these Conditions and, in particular, fails to make payment of the price as soon as required by the auctioneers then the auctioneers may cause the lot in respect of which the failure is made to be resold by public or private sale without warranty or reserve and without notice to the purchaser. If on such resale a lower price is obtained for the lot than was obtained on the first sale the purchaser shall be liable for the difference in price together with all associated resale costs and expenses.

30. The expenses of keep and the treatment of goods left with, returned to, retained by the auctioneers, or detained upon the sale premises by or in consequence of the order of any public, local or other authority shall, with all interest due thereon form a first charge on the sale or removal of such goods.

31. The auctioneers shall have the right of general retention or lien over all goods and monies of any seller or purchaser coming into their possession for any debt or liability (howsoever arising) of such seller or purchaser and shall be entitled without any process of law to sell the same by auction after three days` notice to such seller or purchaser and to apply the net sale proceeds of such sale in satisfaction pro tanto of said debt or liability.

32. The auctioneers shall have full right to sue at their own instance, without consent of the owner, for the price and keep and any other expenses incurred by them in connection with any goods and no defence whatever in such action shall be competent to the purchaser who shall have recourse only against the owner or seller of the goods.



See Full Terms And Conditions