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Heavy duty axles (same as fitted to higher horsepower models). Autofarm GPS steering system fitted, originally running on American satellites but ...

Bunnings Hi Tip Trailer Both tipping rams resealed and have had little use since. Slight dent in bodywork, believed to be the only one ever built...

Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

2 Ton Payload Tipper Trailer. Body width: 1600mm, Body length: 3200mm, Overall width: 2060mm, Overall Length: 4430mm Year: 2006 Location: Near S...

22inch Rings along with Breakers. Serial No.: J14 14 Location: near Horncastle Lincolnshire

Has the bigger type of press rings. Auto Lube, in good order. Serial Number: 600 438 Year: 2008 Location: Near Thetford, Norfolk

To Run in Front of Drill. Year: 2014 Serial No.: 14210 Location: near Dereham, Norfolk

Lot 191

Major 9' Topper

Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

16.9-R34. Stud-to-stud 275mm. Stud-to-centre 220mm. Location: Near Alysham, Norfolk

c/w Pirelli tyres 570/70-R30. Location: Near Alysham, Norfolk

Pirelli Tyres TM 800 (High speed). 600/65-R28. c/w clamps. Location: Near Alysham, Norfolk

Boom Sectional Control Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

Wire included. Never been installed. Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

Including; air filter, sensing bands x2, knives, straw chopper blades and other sundry items. Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

Lot 212

CB Radios

including 3 x Kenwood TK-7302 Two-Way radios, 3 x aerials and 2 x Icon BC-213 handheld Two-Way Radios including base 2 charging stations. Locati...

Steering Unit only. Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

Comes with sideboards Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

13.6-12-38. Comes with 8 x Clamps. Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

Manitou Brackets. Location: near Dereham, Norfolk

Pin & Cone Brackets Location: near Dereham, Norfolk

Location: near Dereham, Norfolk

Location: near Dereham, Norfolk

Location: Near Dereham, Norfolk

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